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King Brpxz is the supreme ruler of the Fifth Dimension.

In ancient times, King Brpxz became the ruler of the higher plane of existence, known as the Fifth Dimension. During his long life, he also had a son, Prince Bryxly, and a daughter, the Princess Nyxlygsptlnz.

According to his daughter, Brpxyz is a narcissist, which led him to be known as the Mad King, and feared to lose his throne so he murdered his son and banished his daughter to the Phantom Zone, removing her powers so she could never escape her imprisonment.[1]

It was eventually revealed that Brpxz's son, Bryxly, was not murdered but conspired against the King along with her sister. Instead of punishing him, Brpxz appreciated his plan but forced him to arrest his sister who was later banished to the Phantom Zone.[2]