Quote1 As a sky fighter, King Cobra is absolute poison! No pilot has ever lived after challenging King Cobra! Quote2
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Communist air ace turned rogue super-villain, the deadly and durable King Cobra twice challenged the Blackhawk Squadron.

In 1952, in the Indo-Chinese democracy of Gregonia, there was a series of battles between the Blackhawk Squadron and Red forces under the command of King Cobra, a free-lance Red air ace. After sustaining several grave wounds, the Blackhawks prevailed. King Cobra met an accidental, ironic, and extremely violent death while attempting to flee, when he was shot thru his own "Electric Cannon" (a jet-aircraft catapult).

In 1954, King Cobra inexplicably returned, and teamed up with Killer Shark, to get revenge on Blackhawk. To this end, they made a deal with Fang the Merciless, and set an elaborate trap for the Blackhawk Squadron. Fang had a "Hell Cannon" that could fire an H-Bomb to any part of the globe, and the three villains collaborated on using this to conquer all of civilization. Blackhawk escaped from Fang's slave galley, got access to the H-Bomb Cannon, changed a critical setting, and escaped undetected. When the villains tried to fire the cannon, their own secret base was annihilated. Fang, Killer Shark, and King Cobra were all apparently killed.


  • Aviation King Cobra is an extremely capable combat pilot.


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