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King Faraday (Earth-9) src

King Faraday was a native Molodavian who was exiled from his homeland, and have traveled the world working as a skilled detective while eluding assassins dispatched by the New Molodavian Republic. Faraday was on a guest flight with pilot Arthur Curry, a member of Captain Boomerang's stunt pilots, in which during their flight their plane malfunctioned and forcing Faraday and Curry to eject from the aircraft's cockpit. Tragically, the rapid expulsion for Faraday's large form snapped his neck and killed him instantly.


  • According to James Robinson the Tangent King Faraday was described as exiled royalty from a small European principality, who spent his time in America as an amateur sleuth and writer of his investigations. Faraday was designed to be visually similar to actor and director Orson Welles "as he put on weight."



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