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Quote1.png I'm a mystery man myself, Sandy. A master of disguise. Quote2.png
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The King was a mystery man in the 1940s, using disguise and deception to fight crime.


A rich young man, King Standish was a master of acting and make-up, and would infiltrate criminal gangs by incapacitating one member and then replacing him so flawlessly that his friends and family would not notice.

The King, as he became known, was originally believed by the authorities to be a criminal himself, but this opinion of him softened over time.

King Chimera

Years later, it transpired that, in the service of his research into illusion, he traveled the world and met a secret order whose adepts can bend sound and light. One female member of this order apparently had "a thing for much older men", according to his alleged son, King Chimera.


  • Deception: The King would deceive criminals by becoming one of their own.
  • Disguise: Using a combination of the target's clothing and a bit of stage magic, the King could become whoever he wished to be.
  • Prestidigitation: King Standish was a master of stagecraft and used it in his war against crime.
  • Mimicry: The King's mimicking ability allows him perfect pitch in voice and accent as well as gestures and actions of his false persona. It also allows him to copy any person's ability, such as when he impersonated a baseball player or a horseback rider.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): King Standish was able to use a gun but preferred to use his hands instead and became quite good with them.



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