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The Kingdom of Benevolence is a place outside of the Dark Multiverse, safe from its constant destruction, that was created by Perrus the Benevolent to survive the inevitable destruction of his dark world. It became his dominion where he brought the survivors of other dark realities.


Early History

At some point in the Dark Multiverse, the being known as Perrus escaped the damnation of his home reality and captured the so-called Insect Queen, a Green Kryptonite-powered giant centipede, whose energy he used to build the own alternate dimension outside of the Dark Multiverse: according to Kentclark, by using the Queen's krypto-power, Perrus was able to stop the dimension's Rapid Entropic Decay that would have led to the slow destruction of his Kingdom. The Dark Multiverse being also built a castle that became his residence where he imprisoned the Insect Queen, which was keeping safe the dimension, in the its dungeons.[1]

Perrus began wandering into the Dark Multiverse, saving people from almost destroyed realities and bringing them into his mansion in order to make them his servants so that he then came to be known as the Benevolent; the Unseen became Perrus' heralds that also let him feed on their own energies in order to fuel himself as well as the very existence of the Kingdom.[2]

Some time later, a member of the Unseen, the Other, rebelled against Perrus and was sent to the dungeons of the castle where he disappeared.[3] During one of his journey into the Dark, Perrus saved a version of Superman, who was similar to the one from Earth 0, and imprisoned him in the dungeons of the castle inside a cocoon of the Insect Queen.[1]

Sideways' arrival

Years later, after Zatanna Zatara sent Derek James/Sideways away during a Sheeda attack, Perrus rescued the young superhero from an empty Earth that was already dying and brought him to the Benevolence.[2]

After knowing the Unseen who also made Sideways visit the Kingdom, Perrus tried to welcome the superhero into his own Unseen team but after seeing the Dark Multiverse lord feed on his servants, Derek James refused and, because of this, he was sent into the dungeons, like the Other many years before; in the dungeons, James freed Superman from the cocoon that kept him imprisoned[3] and, together, they fought against the Insect Queen who was killed by Sideways' space-warping powers.[1]

After the Queen's death, the Kingdom of Benevolence began disintegrating himself because of the R.E.D. as the Unseen made the two superheroes notice. However, thanks to the Sideways' abilities, all of them, except for Perrus, were able to escape the destruction of the Benevolence.[1]



  • Despite not being clearly stated, as the Kingdom of Benevolence is located just outside of the Dark Multiverse, it is very possible that it exists on the border between the Dark Multiverse and the positive Multiverse.

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