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Quote1.png I gave up the right to be happy when I signed on for this job! It comes with the territory-- and sometimes that territory is more lonely than I can bear! Quote2.png
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King Faraday is a top spy working for a number of government organizations, including the Central Bureau of Investigation and Checkmate.

He was named "King" by his father as a joke, a play on the phrase "King For A Day." An ex-soldier, King Faraday took a position as a counter-espionage agent for the U.S. government and engaged in a variety of standard spy-type capers. Faraday has since been incorporated full-bore into the DC Universe as a member of the Central Bureau of Intelligence. At one point, he was Nightshade's mentor. In fact, he had a hand in both her and Bronze Tiger being recruited into Task Force X.


Faraday has teamed up with Batman a few times. On two of occasions he helped Batman in the capture of Two-Face.[1][2] The next time Faraday become involved with Batman, was during his quest to find an old friend called Archer Templeton, who was kidnapped and taken to Infinity Island.[3] Faraday tried to contact Batman, but was instead met by Robin and Catwoman.[4] The three of them were captured and taken prisoners of the international criminal known as Ra's al Ghul to Infinity Island,[5] but they were saved by Batman and they all escaped the place before it was destroyed. Faraday never found his friend, as the man had been killed by Ra's, prior to their arrival.[6]

One Year Later, he is a member of Checkmate, serving as the Bishop for White Queen Amanda Waller.



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