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Kiran Singh aka Solstice is a light powered hero and a member of the Teen Titans.

Kiran Singh lives with her parents Vijay Singh and Rani Singh in Delhi, India.[1] They are both brilliant archaeologists who travel to various dig sites around the world. On a trip to the Archaeological Conference in London, Kiran met and befriended Wonder Girl, who had a lot in common with her. Cassie's mother, Helena Sandsmark, has worked with Kiran's parents.[2]

The pair worked together against Lady Zand, the ruler of Zandia. She was attempting to trying to steal priceless artifacts on display at the Archaeological Conference. They stopped the theft, but the thief escaped.[2]

Solstice stays with her parents as they travel to a dig in Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan. Helena Sandsmark joined them but they were left by the other workers due to their discoveries. Kiran's parents mysteriously disappeared during the night. She spent her time searching for her lost parents.

Helena contacted her daughter and the Titans and asked them for their help. Solstice's powers however had a bad effect on Raven, who could not stand the emitted solar energy.

Red Robin tells to Solstice that he suspects that whoever kidnapped her parents must be from Pakistan. Solstice doesn't believe this since the excavation site is a place that existed before foreign empires established their borders.

The Titans find a mysterious person nearby and try to talk to her, but the person is revealed to be a monstrous creature called Tataka. The Titans then fight the demonic creature with some help from Solstice.

Tataka begins to teleport away, grabbing Helena. However, Cassie grabs her mother and the three disappear.[3]





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