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Quote1.png What are we gonna call this guy? Batman's already taken. I guess this guy is more of a Man-Bat anyway. Quote2.png
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Man-Bat was a monstrous enemy of Batman.

Doctor Kirk Langstrom and his wife Francine began working on a cure for his growing deafness using the DNA of a vampire bat. After injecting himself with the serum, Langstrom transformed into a monstruos man/bat hybrid. Not being in control of his actions, the mutated doctor murdered his wife.

After a brief battle with the creature on Miagani Island, Batman managed to obtain a blood sample and identify him. Making his way to the laboratory that Langstrom and his wife leased, Batman was able to manufacture a cure to the mutation. After initially failing, the cure was effective after a second injection.

Langstrom was locked in an isolation chamber in the GCPD building and broke down in tears upon discovering Francine's fate.

Later, Langstrom transformed into the creature once again and broke out of the isolation chamber.[1]


  • Flight: Thanks to a membrane from his wrists to thighs, Man-Bat is capable of flight.


Other Characteristics

  • Deaf: Kirk was slowly losing his ability to hear, spurring him and his wife to find a cure through the Man-Bat Formula.
  • Diminished Intellect: While Man-Bat, Kirk is reduced to a mindless beast.
  • Power Instability: Kirk cannot seem to control his transformations, only having taken his Man-Bat serum once.
  • Vulnerability to Cure: Langstrom's Man-Bat state is temporarily curable with a serum synthesized by Batman.


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the Arkhamverse video game series and is an adaptation of Man-Bat. The original character was created by Frank Robbins and Neal Adams and first appeared in Detective Comics #400.
  • Man-Bat was voiced by Loren Lester.
  • Man-Bat only escapes on Halloween, October 31st, the night when the entire game takes place: the player has to fly around Gotham's cathedral to encounter Man-Bat again. The player can then go back to GCPD where he finds Man-Bat's cell, the glass broken with Agent Boulden saying that "the cell couldn't contain him", Batman answers that he expected this would happen and Boulden then wishes him an happy Halloween. The player can also go back to Langstrom's lab where other changes happened.



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