Quote1 Animals. Nature designed them to fit harmoniously into their environment. Every aspect of their existence serves a purpose. Which is most assuredly not something that happens with people. Quote2
Man-Bat src
Man-Bat was formerly a member of the Animilitia who defected to help Batman.

A geneticist, Kirk Langstrom was studying bats in a hope of finding a way to transfer their echolocation powers to humans, to help the blind. When he developed a serum he believed would work, he tested it on himself, only to be transformed into a monstrous hybrid with human and bat features. The press dubbed him the Man-Bat.

Reduced to little more than an animal, Man-Bat was easily recruited into Penguin's Animilitia. Of the animal-themed villains, Man-Bat was the only one Batman and his allies managed to capture. Brought back to the Batcave, Batman studied Man-Bat's DNA and created a serum that would temporarily restore Kirk to his human form. Human again, Kirk explained Penguin's plan to pull down a meteor made of solid gold, as well as helping modify three of Penguin's robotic animal drones for the team to use. As his time was running out and Kirk returned to his cell, Red Robin asked why they did not simply give him another dose of the antidote. Batman explained Kirk's original serum was still in his system, and constantly evolving to reject any attempts to cure it.






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