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Quote1.png I knew we've discovered a formula to create a totally new species, neither man nor bat. Once I started taking it, I couldn't stop. I desperately wanted to, but it took over. Quote2.png
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Scientist Kirk Langstrom became Man-Bat a winged menace who frequently went on rampages that were stopped by Batman.

Dr. Kirk Langstrom

Kirk Langstrom was a scientist who worked on the Gotham Zoo researching bat DNA, hoping to implement some of its characteristics on humans. He abstracted a serum, which he tried on himself - to devastating effect, as he (temporarily) transformed into a large bat-like creature. After committing crimes across Gotham City, Batman managed to capture him and he restored him to his human form.[1]

When Kirk's wife, Francine was infected with the Man-Bat Serum, Kirk tried to help her, but Batman was responsible for curing her and ending the threat of the Man-Bat.[2]

Langstrom later became a friend of both Batman and Bruce Wayne, even attending his marriage to Susan Maguire.[3]

The Future

Kirk and Francine changed their field of study to sonics. They led happy lives, becoming pioneers in their studies and raising two kids, Max and Michelle, until Francine developed Parkinson's Disease. While Francine decided to spent her remaining days with her family, Kirk instead believed he could find a way to save her. He was able to develop a new version of the Man-Bat Serum that allowed the individual to keep their mind, but she passed away before he finished. As their children despised him for how he spent Francine's last says and left him, a dejected Langstrom took his own serum.

Man-Bat and Tey

Decades later, Man-Bat rescued a woman named Tey kidnapped by the Jokerz. As she had been depraved of food and water for days, he decided to inject her with the serum. She stuck by him and the two fell in love. Together, they formed the Cult of the Bat, injecting other rejected individuals with the serum. As he lacked kanium, he had to give newer members the older form of the serum.[4]

Man-Bat instructed his cult to kidnap to city assessment workers and obtain their sonar scanner, which Kirk converted into a long-range weapon. He confronted Commissioner Gordon and demanded three pounds of kanium or he would unleash his weapon.[5] When the cult was ambushed by The Bureau, they realized the city wouldn't willingly give into their demands and decided to arm their weapon.[6] Kirk didn't actually detonate the bomb as a show of force, but rather to end his life. After being confronted by Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis, Man-Bat reset the blast so it's radius didn't extend past the building he was in.[7]


  • Transformation: Upon injection of his bat gland extract, Kirk Langstrom can transform himself into a half-human/half-bat creature. Once the serum wears off, the Man-Bat returns back to human form.[1]




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