Quote1.png I knew we've discovered a formula to create a totally new species, neither man nor bat. Once I started taking it, I couldn't stop. I desperately wanted to, but it took over. Quote2.png
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Scientist Kirk Langstrom becomes Man-Bat a winged menace who frequently goes on rampages that are stopped by Batman.

Kirk Langstrom was a scientist who worked on the Gotham Zoo researching bat DNA, hoping to implement some of its characteristics on humans. He abstracted a serum, which he tried on himself - to devastating effect, as he (temporarily) transformed into a large bat-like creature. After commiting crimes across Gotham City, Batman managed to capture him and he restored him to his human form.[1]

When Kirk's wife, Francine was infected with the Man-Bat Serum, Kirk tried to help her, but Batman was responsible for curing her and ending the threat of the Man-Bat.[2]

Langstrom later became a friend of both Batman and Bruce Wayne, even attending his "marriage" to Susan Maguire.[3]


  • Transformation (Formerly): Upon injection of his bat gland extract, Kirk Langstrom can transform himself into a half-human/half-bat creature. Once the serum wears off, the Man-Bat returns back to human form.[1]



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