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Kirk Langstrom is the vampire Batman, the night-time protector of Gotham City and a member of the Justice League.

Kirk Langstrom was a brilliant student in college, one of a group known as "Luthor's Boys". His best friends were William Magnus and his then-girlfriend Tina, the only ones who could help the introverted Kirk out of his shell. Kirk devoted most of his time to trying to create a cure for Lymphoma, using the anti-coagulant properties of the saliva of a vampire bat to break down the tumor, but his serums always broke down before they could finish the job. Using Will's nanotech as a bonding agent, Kirk created a serum he believed would work. Unfortunately, though the serum DID cure his cancer, it also mutated him, splicing his DNA with that of the bat saliva in his serum, transforming Kirk into a superhuman pseudo-vampire himself, now dependent on blood to stay alive. For an unknown amount of time, Kirk wandered the streets, until Superman found him, sucking on a rat.


  • Pseudo-Vampirism: Batman has retractable fangs inside his mouth that allow him to pierce the skin of humans, typically at the neck, and extract their blood. Batman requires blood to survive, though it is mentioned that it need not be human blood; it is mentioned that he has fed on rats in the past, and that he normally survives on artificially-created plasma. Blood appears to be the only sustenance he can consume. Unlike a "real" vampire, it is unclear whether feeding on blood heals Batman's injuries or in any way enhances his health and vitality.
    • Superhuman Durability: Batman can shrug off injuries that would severely injure a normal human being, and is highly resistant to pain. This has allowed him to not be weakened or crippled by attacks by normal humans, as well as withstand being shot or stabbed with little affect.
    • Superhuman Strength: Batman's strength level is several times that of a normal human being, but not truly on par with his partners Superman and Wonder Woman. His inhuman strength allows him to easily overpower, lift, throw, and even maul normal humans, to the point of sending them flying through the air with his attacks or stab a person with his bare hand.
    • Superhuman Agility: Batman is significantly faster and more agile than a normal human being, and can easily dodge bullets and avoid physical combat strikes.
    • Flight: Batman is capable of at least some level of self-propelled flight, though he uses artificial wings built into his costume to aid him in this. He is also capable of levitating along with his partners Superman and Wonder Woman without using his wings.
    • Enhanced Senses: Batman's senses are a lot more powerful than a normal human.
    • Claws
    • Fangs




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