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Kirk Quentin is Hyperboy, the only son of the Hyper-Family from planet Trombus.

Publicly the Hyper-Family members are model superheroes of the United Planets Superwatch, but Hyperman and Hyperwoman also use their superpowers to commit murder and other crimes secretly.[1]

Hyperboy was promised in an arranged marriage with Shadow-Princess Illistra of the planet Kranaltine, otherwise Kranaltine would lose its colonial grip on Trombus and control of the Fomalhaut trade corridor.[2] Kirk, however, did not want to marry the princess and be trapped in a loveless union with her. His mother forced him, but now that she and his father were arrested for their crimes, he rebelled against his destiny, revealing that the Hyper-Family insignia on his chest was not who he was and that he wanted to be free to be anything he wanted, and even asked in front of everyone at the wedding why he couldn't be the princess. Illistra agreed, as she considered him obnoxious, preferring that they wage war instead.[1]

Hyperboy's faithful friend is Klypso the Hyper-dog.[3]


  • Trombusan Physiology: Kirk's father has shown super strength and his mother has shown super strength, flight and heat vision, but Kirk has not yet revealed any superpower of his own.



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