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Mister Nebula was a galactic redecorator and enemy of the Justice League America.

Centuries ago, Kirtan-Rodd was a mere mortal who was decorating a temple built for the two Lords of Order, who deigned to walk among mortals for fun. Kirtan-Rodd offended them, not allowing them to touch or even see a temple redesigning and transported to a realm of madness, where there is no top and down and colors of all forms, forms to bend the mind and eyes.

He spends countless years to evolve, and then eventually returned to normal space and time. Now evolved, he became known as Mister Nebula, possessing great cosmic powers to decorate all the planets of the cosmos. Nebula hired a herald called the Scarlet Skier, who often runs away from his master, but the Skier is always drawn back to the job.

Mr. Nebula was looking for his herald when he came to Earth and decided to decorate the world according to his particular tastes. Warned by the Skier, some members of the Justice League tried to stop him, but the combined power of Martian Manhunter, Ice, Crimson Fox and the U.S. military wasn't enough to detain him. Mr. Nebula was overthrown mostly by Ice and Crimson Fox, who disoriented him by freezing his eardrum.

While Mr. Nebula was stunned, Martian Manhunter formed a plan to make him believe that the peoples of the Earth wanted to honor him. To "prove" this they traveled to Las Vegas, where Mr. Nebula was delighted with the city, and left Earth to do the "reform" of its own.


  • Manipulating Cosmic Energy

  • Mr. Nebula was created as a parody of Marvel Comics' giant planet-destroying menace Galactus (right down to his herald, the Scarlet Skier, who parodies Galactus' herald, the Silver Surfer). With his Terrain Modifiers, which can alter the shape, color or texture of any object, Mr. Nebula travels the cosmos in his Nebulamobile, redesigning entire worlds at whim using his unique "artistic" sensibilities.



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