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Kitrina Falcone was an amateur vigilante inspired by Catwoman, oprating first as Kittyhawk and later as Catgirl.

Supposedly the the youngest child of the infamous Falcone Crime Family, Kitrina Falcone was raised by her disinterested and often-abusive uncle Mario. Unsatisfied with her conditions, she would live on the streets for months at a time, surviving on petty theft and building a network with other urchins.[1]

As Kitrina grew older, she developed a talent for mapmaking, as well as admiration for Catwoman. Their paths would cross soon after the Falcones' return to Gotham - a time when nearly every power in the city was conspiring against the new Black Mask, inspiring Kitrina to map out his territory in the Devil's Square neighborhood. When Catwoman stole these maps (and other valuables) from the Falcones, Mario accused Kitrina of collusion, a fatal sentence in any crime organization.[2]

Barely fleeing her "family" alive, Kitrina confronted an amused Catwoman, and finally impressed her by stealing the maps back.[3] Afterward, Kitrina continued plotting against Black Mask, mainly for the Federal bounty on his head. Her ambitions interested the Penguin, who - having already hired her for some minor operations - sent her to lead Batman through Devil's Square. At first an eager guide, Katrina attacked Batman on realizing he had been brainwashed to kill Black Mask; the ensuing confusion allowed Batman to regain his senses, whereupon he and Kitrina escaped Devil's Square.[4]

The recovered Batman later dismantled Black Mask's entire operation, causing Penguin to lose interest in Kitrina. However, Catwoman remained impressed; against Batman's reservations, she adopted Kitrina as a protégé, Catgirl.[5]

Given training and a new costume by Catwoman, Kitrina continued to "patrol" Gotham as an amateur vigilante and bounty-hunter. Though brave and tenacious, she was often outmatched against Gotham's more vicious criminals, and her presence was discouraged by both Batman and his predecessor. The former would eventually try to register her at an upstate boarding school - a decision that, to her disgust, Catwoman came to agree with.[6]

After a near-fatal encounter with the Riddler's gang,[7] Kitrina reconsidered and accepted Batman's offer, though she promised to one day return.[8]



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