Ms. Klanbaid is shrouded in mystery, with most of her personal and professional history unknown. It is known, however, that she is a member of the senior staff at The Seminary, and is well known by the student populace therein. She taught the Alpha Homeroom for at least two years. While she was not extremely close with her students, they trusted her enough to talk to her when they experienced problems at school. She allowed her students to escape, perhaps to battle the corrupt Seminary. Among the senior staff, she has the most faith in her students, and readily defends them.

The nefarious Mr. Phish implied that Ms. Klanbaid has a dark past.

  • There are many rumours about Ms. Klanbaid's background, some of which include:
    • She was once the boy sidekick to an urban vigilante.
    • She is an alien from a neighboring galaxy.
    • She is secretly married to Principal Bigg.



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