Klarn Arg, the Immortal Man, was an ancient immortal and member of the Council of Immortals.


Klarn Arg was born in the 47th millennium BCE and had four siblings, one of which was named Kyra, he was a member of the Bear Clan with his four siblings. One night a meteor hit the grounds near his cave and the four siblings traveled to the meteor alongside Vandar Adg and his Wolf Clan. There the five siblings were bathed in radiation evolving them into homo-sapiens and making them immortal. The five made mankind their responsibility however each of the five had a different idea on how to save humanity- knowledge, harmony, expression, Kyra with Conquest and Klarn with action. Over time the five gained many followers who they gifted their immortality and they agreed to never come into conflict with one another.[1]


  • Unique Physiology: Since bathing in the radiations of the meteor Klarn and his 4 siblings cannot die by any means.[1]
    • Immortality: Klarn will never age past the day his skin touched the meteor.[1]
    • Invulnerability: Although he can be hurt Klarn can never die by any external means.[1]
    • Power Distribution: Klarn can gift pieces of his immortality to others but not his invulnerability, meaning that those he gifts with eternal life can still die by external means.[1]



  • Dual Energy Swords



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