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The Monster, later named Klaus Kant, was an alien revived through the science of Vicktor Luthor.

The Last Son of Krypton, Kal-El was sent by his father Jor-El to Earth in order to escape Krypton's destruction, but the ship crash-landed in Switzerland, and the infant died. The ship was shortly after discovered by Vicktor Luthor, a local scientist and philosopher who had been seeking the a way to reanimate the dead. Luthor discovered a message aboard the ship from Jor-El, which taught him about Krypton, including its science and technology, and with this information, he was able to build a Revival Matrix, with which he resurrected a man made from the assorted parts of other dead men.

His revived man, however, was hideous, with chalk-white skin, and in his horror, Luthor accidentally caused a fire in his lab. The creature, possibly empowered by the process that revived him, grabbed Luthor and flew him to safety, but was struck by lightning along the way and crashed in the forest.

Separated from Luthor in the confusion, the creature wandered into Ingolstadt, where he was bewildered by the sights and sounds of the city. However, when he saw Elois Edge in danger, he intervened, only to be driven away by the other townspeople, who thought that he was attempting to harm Elois.

The creature soon found his way to the farm of Johan and Martha Kant, a kindly elderly couple. Grieving over the loss of their son in a foreign war, they took the creature in, giving him food and shelter, and naming him Klaus. In exchange, Klaus used his powers to help the Kants with their farm work.

His happiness was interrupted when Vicktor Luthor, having learned that his creation was still alive, led an angry mob to the Kants' home. The villagers burned the house, killing Martha and causing Johan to have a heart attack. Klaus tried to fight back, but was weakened by the Kryptonite stone in Luthor's cane, and thus Luthor escaped.

Enraged, Klaus stormed Luthor's wedding to Elois Edge, demanding that Luthor face justice for killing his adopted parents. Vicktor instead elected to shoot at Klaus, but the bullets ricocheted off of him, killing Elois and wounding her father, and Vicktor resorted to beating Klaus with his Kryptonite-tipped cane until the creature passed out. In the ensuing chaos, Burgomeister Edge was smothered to death.

Vicktor took Klaus back to his laboratory, where he bound the creature with Kryptonite chains while he tried to use the Resurrection Matrix to revive Elois. Despite the efforts of James Olafson to free Klaus and prevent the resurrection, Elois was revived, but found that she had no love for Vicktor, and thus she and Klaus disappeared together, after which they spent several years fleeing from Vicktor's attempts to find them.

Sometime later, Vicktor was found nearly dead from exhaustion in the Arctic, where he had been searching for Klaus and Elois. After relaying his story James Gordon, Vicktor died, and his body was taken away by Klaus.



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