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The Snowman is a half-Yeti enemy of Batman.

Klaus Kristin was the hybrid child of a human woman named Katrina Kristin and a Yeti. For this reason, he was born an albino with the ability to transform into an ice creature at will.

The Yeti had saved Katrina's life when she became separated from and lost contact with her United Nations expedition, after falling into a crevasse on the northern slopes of the Himalayas in December 1954. While they were sheltering in a cave, Katrina found herself drawn to her rescuer, whose face she could not see in the darkness of the night. She gave herself to him, having no idea he was a Yeti and not a man. After Katrina discovered the truth about her savior when daylight came, she suffered a mental breakdown; when she was found two weeks after she disappeared, she was unable to speak coherently except for one, endlessly repeated word: "Yeti". Katrina died in childbirth, and the child was subsequently raised by her brother and his wife, who named their nephew Klaus. Kristin grew up to become a professional athlete and world-renowned skier.

Kristin arrived in Gotham City during winter and started a crime spree to increase his much-needed wealth to travel around the world, looking for cold places. This caused him to run afoul of Batman who, having read Katrina's 1954 diary and learned of Kristin's heritage, tracked him to Austria. The resulting fight between Batman and the Snowman on the slopes took them to an abyss, where the Snowman apparently fell to his death after Batman temporarily blinded him with a marker flare.[1]

Kristin survived the fall, but he realized that he was dying from his half-human, half-Yeti condition, and so decided to join his Yeti father (now his only living relative) in the snowy Himalayas, where he eventually passed away.[2]



  • Klaus Kristin was born in February 1956.
  • As Kristin is an albino, he cannot stand bright light — thus he wears rose-tinted spectacles when in his human form.
  • Kristin won three Olympic medals for skiing, for which Bruce Wayne regarded him as "the new Jean-Paul Kelly".



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