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The warlike and extremely dangerous Kogats were wiped out by Hawkman and are extinct.


A little-known fact about New York City, on Earth-Two, is that it sits at the edge of a 5000-foot-deep canyon, just under New York Harbor. From this canyon, in 1940, emerged an evil apelike aquatic race of telepaths, called the Kogats. These creatures were bent on world conquest, and kidnapped an American scientist, thus gained control of an extremely powerful energy source, called "Effluma," which was weaponized as a "hard-light gun."

Hawkman invaded the Kogats' domain and confronted their king, a ten-foot-tall, horned ogre named Jupo, whose minions ambushed the Hawk, and dumped him down a deep chasm. There the Winged Wonder met the Greek God Poseidon, who imparted to him some important knowledge about the Kogats' dwelling place. Their colony was a rock, perched atop a needle of rock. By planting an Effluma explosive at the right point in this structure and setting it off, Hawkman triggered an underwater avalanche that destroyed the Kogat colony, and their entire army, along with King Jupo. The resulting tidal upheaval also resulted in an unknown number of ships being sunk.

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Habitat: Undersea


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Quickly mastered hard-light technology


Ivor, Ogan, King Jupo

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