Kole was an ally of the Teen Titans, alongside Gnarrk, her caveman partner.

Kole could transform herself into living crystal to be utilized as a melee weapon by Gnarrk. She lived underground with Gnarrk and became friends with the Titans upon their meeting. Dr. Light wanted to use her crystalline form as a tool to focus and enhance his light powers, but she was saved by the Titans and Gnarrk. They both become honorary Titans, but Kole believed she and Gnarrk would be safe from the Brotherhood of Evil in isolation. Unfortunately, the Brotherhood used the communicator Robin gave Madame Rouge to locate her, sending Billy Numerous and Gizmo to attack her and Gnarrk. Kole and Gnarrk managed to escape with the help of Cyborg and joined the Titans in their final battle against the Brotherhood of Evil.




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