Quote1.png Your tricks won't get me punk -- but I got you! Black Zero can conquer the world and clone an army of Superboys, but I'll be the only one trained by Batman! Quote2.png
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Superboy was trained by his world's Batman and became his partner following Robin's death at Black Zero's hands.

He and Batman are part of the resistance fighting Black Zero and Cadmus although their world has fallen to Black Zero's rule.[1][2]

When Kon-El of New Earth accidentally teleported into the Batcave of Superboy's earth he mistook Kon-El for an agent of Black Zero and attacked him. After Batman deduced that Kon was not in league with Black Zero due to some of the knowledge he displayed while defending himself Superboy tried to learn Kon's origin alongside his mentor but they were interrupted by Knockout. During the ensuing fight Kon was knocked into another dimension when struck while wearing a malfunctioning Hyperjacket and Superboy was kidnapped and put into a stasis pod.[2][3][4]

Superboy teamed up with multiple versions of Superboy from other earths to fight and immobilize Black Zero after the Kon-El of New Earth and a young Clark Kent from Earth-One broke them free of their bindings.[4]


  • Tactile Telekinesis: Like his New Earth equivalent this version of Superboy can use telekinesis on things he is in contact with.
    • Telekinetic Force-Field: By creating a field around his body Superboy can resist or reduce injury by deflecting attacks. He can also extend this protection to others and items so long as he is in contact with them.
  • Flight: Superboy is capable of flight.
  • Invulnerability: Superboy is able to shrug off blows that would break bones or kill a human.
  • Superhuman Strength: Superboy displays greater than human strength. Whether he achieves this through manipulation of his telekinesis as his New Earth counterpart was still doing when they met or has it through another source is never discussed or revealed.


  • Martial Arts: This clone was trained in martial arts by Batman.


  • Utility Belt: This Superboy wears a utility belt almost identical to the first one Tim Drake wore as Robin.



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