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Superboy, also known as Kon-El and Conner Kent, is a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor. Originally created as a clone of Jon Lane Kent and an Unknown Donor, his origins likely changed when Mister Mxyzptlk merged the legacy of the Prime Earth and the New Earth/Convergence Superman.

New 52

Superboy: Incubation

"They call me Superboy, I have no idea why."

"They call me Superboy, I have no idea why."

Superboy was created as a Human/Kryptonian Hybrid clone created by N.O.W.H.E.R.E., an organization which threatens the lives of teen heroes and has a wide array of unforeseen plans. However, his creation was actually orchestrated by the time-traveling general, Harvest , as a way to save the life of Jon Lane Kent. He is not the clone of Superman like everyone was led to believe, he is actually the clone of Jon Lane Kent created to wage war against metahumans.[2] He was awakened when his death was ordered and cyanide was pumped into his tube, triggering his natural self-defense instincts, which killed all the scientists except Caitlin Fairchild.[3]

He was continually tested by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. under orders by Zaniel Templar and supervised by Rose Wilson, Doctor Umber and Doctor White. His first field mission was to infiltrate an alien prison designated as Pen 51, where he lost control of his telekinetic powers and was first separated from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. On the outskirts of Middlehope two lovers are making out when Superboy explodes from the ground and interrupts them. With the Teen of Steel sporting an 'S' they immediately distrust him and worry he is about to kill them. Alison's boyfriend Tony sneaks up on Superboy and smashes him in the head with a tire iron.

The tire iron does some serious damage, for a few moments at least, reinforcing Superboy's discovery that if he is unaware of danger he can't be invulnerable to it. Tony hides behind his truck leaving Alison with Superboy when he realizes all he did was make him angry. Superboy is not prepared for real freedom, unlike the simulations real life is very complicated.

Superboy asks Alison why she feared him and she points out he is a meta, they are just frail humans. Confused and still acclimatizing, Superboy offers Alison a ride home, his good deed backfires. Alison begins to vomit from the motion sickness and turns on Superboy, branding him a freak. Superboy realizes he has been naive about his powers and the limitations of the human body. Apologizing, Superboy is suddenly blindsided as the street unfurls and begins to restrain him. At first he assumes it was a knee-jerk reaction similar to when he murdered the lab staff at N.O.W.H.E.R.E or more recently when he sunk Pen 51 deep into the earth's core. He is surprised to find that he was followed to the surface by the girl that had been inside Pen 51. The alien from Pen 51 who revealed that Superboy is both Kryptonian and human.[4] After defeating Caitlin Fairchild, Superboy met with Centerhall who told him he's free to come and go as he pleased, but asked that Superboy considered returning to help N.O.W.H.E.R.E. put a stop to dangerous metahumans.

After seven days of freedom, Superboy felt his first compulsion towards heroics when he stopped a metahuman couple who had killed a restaurant full of people. Once he defeated them, he turned them in to officials at N.O.W.H.E.R.E..

First encounter with Supergirl!

First encounter with Supergirl!

As he met Centerhall again, he agreed to rejoin N.O.W.H.E.R.E.[5]

Superboy prepared for battle against Wonder girl, by studying her previous actions. Superboy confronted Wonder girl in times square, where they had a massive battle kicking each other through buildings. Superboy was about to win the match when the Teen Titans came to Wonder girls rescue. However, Superboy was able to effortlessly defeat them all, even speeding up Kid Flash's molecules, to the point where he was about to die. He took pity on Solstice, however, hitting her on her head just hard enough to knock her out. [6]Superboy realized that he was in fact created as a weapon and was being wielded by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. In an act of independence he through Templar's surveillance van into the water. [7] Superboy later met with Supergirl above a bridge, as she was drawn to his symbol and saw him as a fellow lost person. However, when Superboy accidentally used his powers on her, she was disgusted when she found out that he was a clone, and gave him the name Kon-El, meaning an abomination in the House of El."[8]

Meeting the Teen Titans!

Meeting the Teen Titans!

Before Superboy rejoined N.O.W.H.E.R.E., he rescued Caitlin Fairchild, tricking Templar into thinking he was in his room all along. Superboy left Caitlin in the care of his friend, an NYPD detective, Jocelyn Lure. However, Jocelyn would lose Caitlin and Caitlin would return to the colony just in time for the Culling.

Superboy returned once again to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and defeated Centerhall. He discovered he was the second N.O.W.H.E.R.E Kryptonian subject, but was defeated in combat by Rose Wilson before he could find out more.[9]

The Culling

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After a failed rescue attempt by the Teen Titans, Superboy was forced to train for the Culling with a metahuman called Grunge. Superboy realized that Grunge, Caitlin Fairchild and the other so-called "Ravagers" shared a common immunity to his telekinesis. Superboy defeated Grunge, but being wounded himself, passed out.[10]

Fighting the Legion and the Ravagers!

Fighting the Legion and the Ravagers!

When he woke up, Superboy found himself in the Colony faced with Beast Boy and Terra. After being convinced to join the Teen Titans in their battle to defeat Harvest, he and the other Titans teamed up with the time-stranded portion of the Legion of Super-Heroes.[11] Harvest sent the Ravagers to finish off the young heroes. Superboy tried to take down their leader, Warblade, but was outmatched because of his opponent's immunity to telekinesis. Dawnstar tipped the balance back in his favor. With Warblade defeated, the young heroes could face Harvest.[12] Harvest escaped and the complex exploded, but Superboy and Wonder Girl managed to save the others.[13]

Superboy woke up in an island full of animals believed to be extinct. Wonder Girl was with him,[14] and they found the other Titans the next day. As they spent time on the island, they started finding clues that it was Danny the Street who brought them there. Danny offered to bring them home with the risk of his life. The Titans agreed reluctantly.[15]

Superboy returned to New York where he found an apartment which he rents with money he "borrowed" from a bank. Bunker tried to explain to him that what he did was wrong, but Superboy failed to understand. When Superboy goes on a walk with Bunker, Bunker explains that he should proud of his symbol. They go into a tattoo shop and Bunker gets a tattoo of a brick. However, Bunker is shocked when Superboy gets an "S" tattoo. When they see people fleeing outside they find a huge monster made of concrete and structure destroying a bridge. Superboy defeats the monster by using his T.K. to strip him down to his simplest form and throwing him into the river. [16]

The Origin of Wonder Girl

The Origins of Wonder Girl

The Origins of Wonder Girl

Back from their fight with Harvest, Kid Flash, Bunker and Solstice are fighting a criminal inside their headquarters, Loose Cannon, who catfished Miguel on Craigslist. As Cassie helps them defeat him, she goes into a state of berserk, completely controlled by her Silent Armor.[17] Soon, Tim and Kon get back and try to help Cassie get back in control, utilizing then Kon-El's telekinesis to strip Cassie out of the armor. As all seems to go well, a mysterious ex boyfriend of Cassie, Diesel, appears and takes the armor for himself.[18]

The three heroes decide to travel to Cambodia, as Cassie explains to them that in her last moments with Diesel, they were in South America to assist to another excavation of Cassandra's mother, Helena Sandsmark, a world-renowned archaeologist. Exploring the site in search of treasures to steal, Diesel found the armor and dressed himself in it. After finding him, Cassie took the armor for herself, feeling like it was her destiny to do so, but fails in saving Diesel from the collapse of the galleries they were in. Thinking her boyfriend was dead, Cassie left with a hole in her heart.

As Diesel is back and now wears the Silent Armor, he wants to use all the obscure and arcane powers of this sentient weapon: in fact, Tim soon discovers this mysterious artifact is connected to an old legend associated with a creature named Trigon.[19] After neutralizing Diesel, Cassie takes the armor back and both Tim and Kon promise her they will do anything to help her remain in control from now on.[20]

The Ravagers and Legion Lost

Superboy's landlord, Dallas Sorrentino took Superboy to a club. Wanting to fit in, Superboy drank some alcohol, which his T.K. accidentally mistook for poison. Superboy would find his landlord being shaken down for money by two men and a woman. While Superboy defeated the brutes, the woman(Kiva) revealed that she was a telepath and made Superboy see illusions. Superboy felt like he was being crushed until he figured out that Kiva was using his own power against him. So Superboy let himself go and opened his very soul. That made the telepath experience incredible pain when she saw inside Superboy and she passed out. While the brutes took the Kiva away, Superboy tended to Dallas. [21]



Jocelyn Lure would watch Superboy and his previous actions. One day, Superboy would wake up to her pointing a gun to his head. Superboy was able to use his T.K. to quickly slam her into the piles of money in his bedroom. Jocelyn however, was able to throw handcuffs on him that dampened his T.K. Superboy was still able to fly both him and Jocelyn out of the apartment and explain his actions. They both mutually agree to help each other. Later, Superboy's landlord Dallas would ask more his rent early and Superboy would quickly oblige. Dallas would take Superboy out for a walk, with Superboy finding out about her shopping addiction. Suddenly, Superboy would be attacked by the goons that confronted Dallas earlier. Upon revealing his outfit and powers, the police would attempt to arrest him. Dallas was horrified that Superboy was one of "them". Jocelyn created a smoke cover and got Superboy out of sight. She then teleported him to Caitlin Fairchild.[22]

Superboy, desperate for answers about himself would ask Caitlin for help, claiming that she was the only person who ever gave him any sort of direction. Caitlin however, was not interested and told Superboy she was "not his babysitter anymore' and threw Superboy across the room. Superboy angered said that he would only tolerate her anger as long as she gave him answers. They traded blows as Caitlin explained everything she knew about him. The other Ravagers were ver cautious about Superboy as he was created to destroy them if they ever got out of control. However, Superboy proved himself when he stopped Thunder from exploding. Superboy would also enrage Ridge, when he claimed that he was jealous of Ridge, claiming "at least your memories are real". Superboy would also assist the ravagers in destroying the other N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Colonies. [23]

Forced to fight alongside the Legion Lost and Harvest

Forced to fight alongside the Legion Lost and Harvest

Superboy would also train in the Ravager's hologram training. On a day out Superboy would confront Caitlin, claiming that she was still "making memories" like the VR simulations she created with Superboy. Superboy notes on how they still don't trust him. To which Caitlin responds that is because "you weren't from inside, but you still have connections to Harvest and the think you were made a fail-safe in case they got out of control". to which Superboy responded that 'its was news to me". Superboy dreams about becoming one of them, part of the group. Fairchild remarks that that was never going to happen. However, Superboy still hopes, saying that he "finally had something real to dream about."

When Superboy and the ravages go on a mission to a cemetery to save a meta-teen, they are confronted by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. agents.[24] Caitlin has a vision to where Superboy possibly dies by Rose Wilson, however, Superboy defies his fate and defeats Rose and Warblade.[25]

Suddenly, Jocelyn Lure appears through a portal, saying Superboy needs to fulfill his end of the deal. Superboy protests, saying that he finally has a crew and that he is happy, truly happy. However, Jocelyn says he doesn't have a choice and forces him through the portal. The Ravagers follow Superboy in to save him. Upon arriving he encounters Harvest, who utters some Kryptonian trigger words that caused Superboy to go berserk. [26] Luckily, once the battle was over, the Legion Lost managed to snap Kon out of his trance just in time. This incident left Kon shaking, believing that he was still just a living weapon. [27]

H'el on Earth

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Considered an abomination by H'El

Considered an abomination by H'El

Returning to New York from his ordeal with the Legion Lost, Superboy, angry with being used as a weapon with no control, gets frustrated with Jocelyn Lure and flys away to his apartment. Finding Miguel at his place eating Junk food, Superboy remarked on how unhealthy it all was. While he was on a walk with Miguel, he was attacked by H'el because he is a clone. Even with the help of the Teen Titans, he lost the fight and was abducted.[28] H'el brought Superboy to Supergirl to serve as proof to his loyalty towards Krypton. His life ended up into the hands of Supergirl when H'el asked the female Kryptonian if they should end his life, in which Supergirl answered not to do it yet.[29]

Superboy was then brought to Superman for the same reason he was brought to Supergirl. When H'el was about to snap his neck, Superman interfered and saved him. Superboy tried to help Superman fight H'el to no avail and he ended up getting badly injured when H'el ripped his DNA apart.[30]

After H'el left, Superboy was brought to the Fortress of Solitude by Superman to try and save his life. Superman found out that he had three strands of DNA as opposed to the usual two. Two of them were identified, which are Human and Kryptonian, but the third one could not be identified. To stop the genetic meltdown, Superman put his Kryptonian battle armor on Superboy. It worked but it caused Superboy's telekinesis to concentrate and condense, limiting his power only to the things he touched.[31] Superboy and Superman were immediately thrown out of the fortress. However, H'el, threw them out of the fortress so he could build a device that would bring back Krypton. Together, Superboy and Superman visited Lex Luthor in his prison to develop a plan to defeat H'el. They were joined by the Justice League. Superboy humorously wondered if Flash was called "Man" Flash because of the connection to his friend. Together with the Justice League, Superboy and Superman broke back into the fortress of solitude. However, their victory was short lasted as Superman and was sucked into an Alien Device. Superboy followed after Superman into another dimension, and they find themselves on a sentient planet that was designed to heal people. But instead, it was taken over by evil men who turned it into a murderous prison. Superboy and Superman are continuously teleported to random locations until they finally encounter the villains. Superboy uses the machine to teleport the prisoners to the end of an uninhabited galaxy. Superboy is able to communicate with the planet and get it to help them return home. [32]

Fighting alongside Superman!

Fighting alongside Superman!

Superboy, Superman, and the Justice League fights Lockcoil aliens that H'el releases to slow them down. When they finally break through, Superman attacks H'el and Superboy attacks Kara. However, H'el teleports the fortress around them so they are thrown into the snow. Superboy, Superman, and the Justice League watch as H'el activates the Star Chamber which begins to consume the sun. Suddenly, H'el teleports to them, and rips the Kryptonian armor (which was keeping Superboy alive), off of him. H'el places the armor on Superman, claiming that his parents would "want Kal to die with dignity". H'el nonchalantly throws Superboy into an artic cave and throws Superman to the edge of the galaxy, where he encounters the Oracle. Without the armor, Superboy begins to die. However, Superboy musters up the courage and willpower to use his T.K. to try to pull his D.N.A. back together. Encountering the Herald of the Oracle, Superboy initially tries to fight him before the Herald teleports away. When Superboy tries to fly to the Star Chamber to destroy it, he encounters Supergirl. When Superboy tries to convince her that the Star Chamber will destroy the earth, Supergirl viciously assaults him. Despite the attack, Superboy doesn't back down, refusing to admit defeat. Luckily, Wonder Woman, saves him by attacking Supergirl. While Wonder Woman fights Supergirl, Superboy attempts to destroy the Star Chamber. Superboy destroying H'el's machine. Suddenly, with the machine destroyed the time shards begin to collapse time itself. Superboy tried to hold the shards together but in his weakened state, was quickly defeated and was tied up with Wonder Woman and Superman. Superboy watched as Kara stabbed H'el with a shard of Kryptonite. As H'el began feeling the effects of being stabbed with Kryptonite, Superboy, Superman, and Wonder Woman were freed. Superboy asked if Supergirl was alright as Superman began flying her to the fortress's medical bay.

Encountering Trigon

While the Titans try to digest the battle against Harvest, they live their new team life: Tim Drake in particular feels and acts different, seducing both Solstice and Wonder Girl behind the backs of his friends. Then, he brings the team to Belle Reve tricking them into thinking a young metahuman was held prisoner there, while Tim only wanted to close a private deal with Amanda Waller. As Cassie and Kon confront him about his attitude, the Titans must stop arguing to handle a threat in the middle of New York City: the demonic Trigon appeared out of nowhere to start his conquer of the planet Earth.[33]

Facing the might of Trigon!

Facing the might of Trigon!

Unable to face him as he's too powerful, the Titans soon get helped by Trigon's own daughter, Raven, who rebels against the evil his father represents. Together with her is another metahuman, Beast Boy, who the Titans previously encountered as one of the prisoners of Harvest during The Culling. Trigon then detects another metahuman on the field, Simon Jones, and he amplifies his powers to kill dozens of soldiers that intervened in the conflict. Trigon soon leaves, making the impression that everything he wanted was placing the Titans in a crisis in front of the world.[34]

Tim then recruits Raven inside the team, meanwhile fighting a possession he does not know is even effecting him. After facing Trigon's three sons and defeating them, Raven tells the Titans that the Simon Jones incident was only an illusion his father orchestrated to trick them.[35] Trigon then comes back, revealing his intention was to test the resilience of the Titans' leader, Tim Drake. After leaving once again with his real intents still a mystery, Raven officially becomes a member of the team and reveals publicly all the things Tim did under the possession of his father, bringing the team to a break point thanks to jealousy that both Bart and Kon prove about Tim's secret adventures with both Kiran and Cassie. [36]

When Bart was pulled into a wormhole, Superboy helped free him.

Superboy was also present when the Green Team offered to buy the Teen Titans. [37]

Doctor Psycho

At some point after their encounter with H'el, Superman intrusted Superboy to take care of Krypto. Learning a lesson after his battle with H'el, Superboy would also return the millions he stole from the bank. While fighting a villain, Superboy was tricked by Doctor Psycho. Superboy would also defeat a H.I.V.E. villain with his help. Superboy also assisted a girl who was manifesting a monster with her mind. He was tricked into destroying a school thinking that a villain was teleporting around. Superboy finally snapped out of his trance after he used a phone camera to realize that there was actually no villain there after all. The "villain" turned out just to be a manifestation of his Superboy's fears created by the Psycho Pirate. Even with all his power, Superboy could not defeat him. Superboy was badly beaten and all his telekinetic senses were temporarily stolen from him. [38]

Forever Evil and Lost in Time

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When the Crime Syndicate would take over the world, Teen Titans felt the burden to take the place of the Justice League. They landed at the Fallen Watchtower, saving the law enforcement on the scene. Johnny Quick would utilize the Vibrational Frequency of Kid Flash to cause a temporal rift which pulled Superboy alongside whatever is left of the Teen Titans into the future,[39] after being thrown to different focuses in time[40] Kon and the Titans arrived in a possible future where the child of Superman killed the vast majority of the Metahumans on Earth, He was brought onboard the Justice League satellite by the beast boy of the future and was assaulted by the Teen Titans of the future who confused him for the evil Superboy, Kon went outside of Satellite. Shortly after Jon telepathically placed the memories of him killing the metahumans, and the duo engaged in battle, which Kon overpowered as well as figured out how to pierce him onto the Satellite before he could land a finishing blow he was pulled into the timestream.[41]

Krypton Returns

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Called to Krypton by the Oracle

Called to Krypton by the Oracle

Superboy, Superman, and Supergirl were mysteriously pulled into space, summoned by the being known as the Oracle, who told the Kryptonians that their enemy H'El had successfully gone back in time and saved Krypton from its doomed fate but had caused a time paradox they needed to resolve.

The team was sent back in time to the last days of Krypton, with Superboy being assigned to save Supergirl in the past from an Eradicator that was hunting her. After he succeeded, Superboy wiped past-Supergirl's memories of his involvement to preserve the timestream, even though he knew doing so would preserve her hatred of him as a clone when they would first meet years later.

After H'El's defeat by Superman and his father, Superboy secretly stayed in the past and orchestrated the events that allowed Supergirl to escape the planet in a rocket before it exploded. On Krypton for its destruction, Superboy looked back on his short life, realizing that he was not a living weapon, just a boy that tried. [42]

Though Superboy died on Krypton, he was not dead for long, as he was reborn as the Herald of the Oracle. Though he served dutifully, he longed for his old life as Superboy and as a member of the Teen Titans.[43]

Believed to be Dead

Although to the Superman Family, Kon is believed to be dead, he is not forgotten as when Mogul's son attacked earth he is recalled by Supergirl when Krypto returns. After the Superman Family and the Batman Family defeat Jochi, Superman attempts to comfort Batman with the information that even Superboy was created to be an assassin, and he changed, so there was a possibility that Jochi could've changed with more time. However, Batman was not interested.[44]

Superboy was considered to be a target for assassination, when an assassin was targeting people related to Superman but was ruled out as a target because he was believed to be dead.[45]


When Jon Lane Kent returned from the future, his existing consciousness linked with the other Jon Lane Kent of the period who was in stasis. The two consciousnesses summoned Kon away from his duty as the herald of the Oracle. Kon became a bridge between the two Jons. While the Jon that returned from the future worked with star labs, Kon and the other Jon would constantly send messages to Jon at his time at star labs.

Superboys from every reality unleashed!

Superboys from every reality unleashed!

When Jon went to explore the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. base, he made contact with the other Jon. Their contact created a pocket reality engulfing the entire N.O.W.H.E.R.E. base. When they made contact Jon had a heart to heart with Kon inside their unconsciousness. Kon and the two Jons fused into a singular being, with their body producing tachyons. They transformed multiple of Jon's star labs associates into their ultimate reality versions before the other Jon took control and killed two security officers. With the three beings fighting for control, they split apart and simultaneously summoned every superboy version in reality. The other Jon took control of all the other Superboys and attempted to kill Jon, Kon and the others.

However, the attempt was not successful and Jon sacrificed himself throwing himself and the other Jon into the wall of the pocket reality. The destruction of the pocket reality returned the star lab workers back into their normal reality versions and returned all the Superboys to their respective realities. By killing himself and destroying the pocket reality, Jon was erased from existence, and Kon was brought back as the one and only Superboy. [46]

Secret Origins

Superboy visited S.T.A.R. Labs to take a DNA test. The doctor prepared a Kryptonite coated syringe because he assumed that he would need it to break Superboy's skin, however, Kon explained that his power relied solely on his T.K., therefore the kryptonite needle was not needed.

While there, to distract from the pain and to wait for the test to finish, Superboy reflected on his past. He explained his creation, origin, time with the Teen Titans, and death. he describes how hard it is to live up to Superman, after meeting him.

The mysterious 10% of unknown DNA

The mysterious 10% of unknown DNA

While there, Superboy has a realization, he doesn't need a DNA test to tell him who he is. He's Superboy!

However, when he leaves, the DNA test finishes. Revealing that his DNA is 45% human (Lois Lane/Jon Lane Kent), 45% Kryptonian (Superman/Jon Lane Kent), and 10% Unknown. The Doctor is intrigued as the computer is not being able to identify the third strand of Kon's DNA.[47]


Main article: Supergirl: Crucible

Wanting to find a sense to his existence, Kon traveled throughout the world, learning different religions and philosophies. While in Rome, he stumbled into the students of an inter-planetary school for super-heroes called Crucible Academy. One of those students -Maxima- was under orders to take him to Crucible. Though Supergirl, who happened to be a Crucible student, stepped in the way and tried to stop her schoolmates. When Maxima -and Kon- pointed out that Kryptonians hate clones, Supergirl replied she had changed and she knew better now.

Superboy agreed to go to Crucible anyway, reasoning he had nothing to lose for visiting that place. However, one of the preceptors captured him with the purpose of extracting his Kryptonian DNA with which creating an army of clones. Supergirl and her schoolmates rescued him, and Kon and Kara managed to destroy the cloning facility. Afterward, Kon returned to Earth to help people.


Hunted by the Elite!

Hunted by the Elite!

Returning from Crucible Academy, Superboy's programmed killing instincts kick in when he comes in the proximity of a neighborhood filled with the Alien species, Durlans who he registers as a threat. Superboy, not in control of his body, ruthlessly slaughters all of the Durlans, except Ra'ut L'lwer. This incident was similar to another when Harvest made him fight the Legion Lost.[48] Superboy's name and image are spread across social media as a mass murderer, with even Reporter Lois Lane writing about him.

Ra'ut L'lwer helps Kon escape from the Jail and J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter. Red Robin doubts the video is true, although the Titans are split on whether Superboy actually committed Mass Murder. However, Tim doesn't let the team have a vote and insists Superboy is innocent, even hiding him in their apartment. Manhunter, who was seeking to kill Kon for what he had done, found them at Gar and Miguel's apartment. Kon lashed out at him and knocked him unconscious. Once again, Tanya and Cassie got into an argument with the rest of the Titan. It ended with the Titans leaving with Kon and Ra'ut, while Cassie and Tanya talked with Manchester Black. He offered them a place on S.T.A.R. Labs' new team: The Elite, to which they accept.[49]

Even though they were trying to lay low, Miguel, Gar, and Raven were recognized, and they attracted a large crowd. While surrounded by the crowd, a woman was pushed onto the tracks of the L-train. Gar and Miguel fully revealed themselves to save her, but Kon swooped in just before the woman was killed. Because Kon was still technically an escaped murderer, the police responded immediately. Manchester Black and S.T.A.R. also noticed, and decided on sending their team on their first mission. The Titans escaped before the Elite showed up, but, with the help of Klarion, they found the Titans soon after.[50]

The Titans and the Elite argue over what should happen to Kon, but it turns into an all-out brawl. They continue to fight until Superboy escapes Wonder Girl. The Elite then teleport back to Black, who had been talking to Tim and Raven. After trying to read Black's mind, Raven was knocked unconscious because of how dark Black's mind was. Before Tim escaped, Black told him that, if they wanted to clear Kon's name, they would have to break into the Metropolis Armory Ward, or the M.A.W.[51]

After escaping Black and the Elite, the Titans went into hiding once again, trying to plan their next course of action. They eventually decide to break into the M.A.W. to help Kon, who is in hiding. The next day, they break in. Raven tells them that the person she saw in relation to Kon in Black's mind is Despero. In order to get to Despero, they would have to temporarily let every inmate out, including Blockbuster and Livewire. Right before many of the inmates escaped the facility completely, Kon showed up, and took them down.[51]

The Titans say goodbye to Kon.

The Titans say goodbye to Kon.

All of a sudden, Tim, Kon, Cassie and Bart were transported to a place that appeared to be the apartment where they first joined together to be the Titans. Afer seeing various visions and images of their past, it was revealed that Harvest was the one responsible for it. Harvest attempted to win Kon over, but the Titans retaliated. But, Kon convinced them to stop. He told them that they were the best heroes—and the best friends he had ever known. He later disappeared with alongside Harvest, leaving Tim, Bart, and Cassie alone in the illusion.[52]

This was the last time that this version of Superboy, the clone of Jon Lane Kent appeared in physical form, as he is only seen in flashbacks in the future. Another version, the clone of Lex Luthor and Superman, who has a different history takes Kon-El's place in all future appearances.

Harvest and Disappearance of Superboy

Though Superboy has disappeared from the Metahuman community and was presumed dead by most, he was not forgotten. He was recalled by Bunker multiple times whenever Bunker reminisces about his time with the Titans.

When the Suicide Squad and the Outlaws raided a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. base that was causing seismic tremors. Bizarro, knew that the base was made to stop another Kryptonian clone, and Bizarro had a flashback to Harvest and Kon.

However, when Harvest's corpse was found dead and crucified, Superboy has mysteriously vanished. Whether Kon was or was not involved in Harvest's demise is unknown.

DC Rebirth

Escape From Gemworld

A long time ago, after destroying a lab after suspecting them of foul play, Superboy was transported to the Gemworld.[53] While there he helps a woman and her child from being harassed from the men who killed her husband. As gratitude, she helped him mask an identity in the Gem World. In return for her help, he helped her on a farm.[54]

During his time on Gemworld, a Crisis happened. However, since he was on Gemworld, reality shifted without him. Therefore to all the residents of the new world, he was forgotten and replaced.

Transported to a world unfamiliar to him.

Transported to a world unfamiliar to him.

The pre-formed Young Justice team arrived in the Gemworld after soldiers attacked Earth. Coner first united with Impulse who was shocked to learn about his wife and child. Conner then broke the rest of Young Justice out of Gemworld's jail. However, they were then confronted by Lord Opal who weakened Conner by using a pendant/necklace made of Kryptonite. Quickly, Impulse stole the Kryptonite and Conner was able to beat Lord Opal.[54] Conner bid his wife and child farewell and was sent away, by the council of Gemworld, alongside Young Justice.

Lost in the Multiverse

However, Young Justice were betrayed by the council of Gemworld and were not sent Home and instead, banished into the Multiverse. Young Justice would first crash land on Earth 42, where that world's Cyborg and Justice League would throw them back into the multiverse. They would also land on the chaotic homeworld of Captain Carrot. However, a rhino quickly sent away with a Multiverse Mallet.

They would end up in the world of Kingdom Come, where the streets are mysteriously empty. However, they are soon confronted with that world's Justice League. When Superboy reveals that he is the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, that world's Superman gets extremely bloodthirsty when he hears that. However, Cassie refuses the situation by asking that world's Wonder Woman to use her Lasso of Truth on her. After explaining their situation honestly and helping to defeat the Sons of Batman, they receive the assistance of that world's Doctor Fate and are sent away.

They end up on Earth-3 due to a mistake by Dr. Fate, who calculated the distance in the multiverse from Earth-22 instead of Prime Earth. At Earth-3 they encounter the evil version of themselves. Superboy fights his evil counterpart, Luthor-El, who is working for Cassie's evil counterpart, Amaxon Thunder. When Young Justice finally defeats their evil counterparts, with the help of Earth-3's Batwoman, they finally return home using Stephanie Brown (Earth 3)'s Multiverse Map.

S.T.A.R. Labs

When Superboy arrives home, he meets Naomi. He and the rest of Young Justice crash at her house for the night. When Conner confronts S.T.A.R. Labs, Doctor Glory (the same Doctor who trapped Conner on Gemworld years ago), tricks Conner into picking up a crystal that banishes him again to another world.
A new Warlord!

A new Warlord!

Landing on Warworld, he hunts dinosaurs with the Warlord and battles Green Manaleeshi, (who was provided a Kryptonite sword and interdimensional communication device by Doctor Glory) before Superboy was rescued by Young Justice.

When Young Justice rescues him, Impulse explains why no one can remember him because of the last crisis.

After S.T.A.R. labs and their assets and employees are apprehended by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Superboy confronts Impulse who is running away from his problems. Impulse explains the possible future he traveled too and his existence as someone who was rapidly aged. He confides in Superboy that Superboy is the closest person that he can relate to as Superboy is a clone who also has struggled with issues about his age.

Superboy comforts Bart and gives him support. Robin shows up, because Superboy called him. Robin tells him that the entire Young Justice team is going to meet up at the Hall of Justice tomorrow to get some answers.

Reunion of the Kents

At some point after arriving home, Superboy and the rest of Young Justice would watch the press conference, where Superman reveals his identity as Clark Kent.[55]

Superboy then reunites with Superman, who doesn't remember him. Superboy fights alongside Superman and the Justice League against Leviathan. He destroys a sky battleship and also reunites (and fights) with his other genetic donor, Lex Luthor (Who also doesn't recognize him).

Alongside Superman again!

Alongside Superman again!

After that incident, Superman takes Conner Kent to the Fortress of Solitude, where he questions Conner about his origins. Conner admits that he has no idea of where he comes from or who made him in the first place when suddenly, a time portal opens right in front of the two Kents. From the portal emerge Jonathan Kent and his companion Brainiac 5. Jon tells his father that he took Brainiac 5 to the 21st to show him the Fortress of Solitude, but the two Legionnaires are surprised by the appearance of Conner and the mystery behind his origins.

Later, at the Hall of Justice, Superman has gathered the smartest people in the superhero community to crack the mystery surrounding Conner. Mr. Terrific and Ray Palmer believe that Connor's appearance in their universe must be an aftereffect from a universal reboot, which has become a common occurrence nowadays. Brainiac 5 even says that universal reboots have been acknowledged as a historical fact in the 31st century.

Superman asks Conner if he remembers who raised him and Conner replies that he was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent, or at least a version of Jonathan and Martha Kent. Conner says that Superman himself sent Conner to live with Jonathan and Martha at Smallville, which further confuses Superman but gives Jon an idea.

Superman takes Conner, Jon, and Brainiac 5 to the Kent Farm, where they are welcomed by Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent, who are excited to see Jon safe and sound. When Jonathan and Martha see Conner, they immediately recognize him and become affectionate towards him, much to Superman's confusion, as he himself does not remember Conner.[56] When Superman sensed that his wife Lois Lane was in trouble, Conner accompanied him and Jon to save Lois and Jimmy Olsen. Conner, Clark, and Jon used their Super Breath to blow the Red Cloud away. However, Red Cloud was still able to choke Jon out. Lois Lane wondered out loud who Conner was. She thought that he won a contest, but when Superman claimed he was family, Lois remarked that he looked like if Superman and Lex Luthor had a baby. She was extremely shocked when Superman did not deny it. Conner came up with the thinking that when dealing with mobsters, you have to think like a mobster. To which the Superman Family attack Marisol Leone's Bar and shrink it. They send it to Marisol Leone to taunt her. [57]

He is also present when Superman found Melody's dead body. He then met supergirl for the first time (again). He searched the city for lead spots with his x-ray vision and joked he saw Blue devil bathing. After finding her, He confronted Marisol Leone alongside the rest of the Superman Family.[57] However, Marisol unleashed a Parisite from an alternate earth who began to drain Superboy. [57]

Further Adventures with Young Justice

After his encounter with the invisible mafia, Conner appears to be hanging out at the Kent farm in his black t-shirt costume. He is called by Tim Drake to assist him and Stephanie Brown in defeating her father, Cluemaster. The team enjoys a meal with the rest of Young Justice before Cassandra Sandsmark (Prime Earth) interrupts them requesting assistance because of her Grandfather. [58]. He fought against Posiedon with the rest of Young Justice.[59]

Conner alongside Robin and Impulse later fought some Samuroids.[60] He is also later seen hanging out with the rest of Young Justice playing Video Games. [61]


  • Cloned Kryptonian Physiology: Under the effects of a "yellow" sun, Superboy possesses the potential of powers an average Kryptonian. Though his Kryptonian abilities haven't perfectly developed, probably due to his young age. These include:
    • Solar Radiation Absorption: Under optimal conditions, this is the main source of Superboy's powers as they are contingent upon exposure to solar radiation from a yellow sun star system. His Kryptonian body is constantly absorbing and storing energy from Earth's yellow sun, which in turn grants him incredible powers.
    • Self-Sustenance: Superboy can live and speak in the vacuum of space just fine even though he had difficulties breathing in space when he was in it for the first time.[8]
    • Superhuman Strength: Superboy displayed strength enough to bench press a couple tons, he is strong enough to lift a semi-truck car over his head while flying [62], He also has showcased enough physical might to lift the city of Kandor into space without his psychic powers.[8][63] His upper limit has fluctuated over time however.
    • Superhuman Speed: Superboy is able to move at incredible speed by sheer force of will. This extends to his perceptions and allows for feats such as catching bullets in mid flight as well as covering vast distances in little or no time. He was able to travel for more than three miles and back so fast that people didn't even noticed he left.[54] While not as fast as Impulse and other Flashes on the ground, Superboy can still fly at speeds faster than speed of sound and keep up with his speed.[64]
    • Superhuman Durability: Even without his tactile telekinesis field, Superboy is tough enough to resist the touch of lava.[54]
    • Enhanced Vision: Superboy's vision processes the entire electromagnetic spectrum as well as allowing vast control over selective perception and focus.
      • X-Ray Vision: Superboy possesses the ability to see through solid objects.[65]
      • Telescopic Vision: Superboy can see something at a great distance, without violating the laws of physics. Though limited, the exact extent of the ability is undetermined. In function, it is similar to the zoom lens on a camera[citation needed]
      • Microscopic Vision: This is the ability to see extremely small objects and images down to the atomic level.[citation needed]
      • Infrared Vision: Superboy can see with better acuity in darkness, and to a degree in total darkness.[citation needed]
    • Heat Vision: Superboy can, as a conscious act, fire beams of intense heat at a target by looking at it. He can vary the heat and area affected.[66]
    • Superhuman Hearing: Superboy hearing is sensitive enough to hear any sound at any volume or pitch. With skill and concentration, he can block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source or frequency.[67]
    • Super-Breath: Superboy is able to create hurricane force winds by exhaling air from his lungs.[57]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Superboy can exert himself at peak capacity for several days.
    • Accelerated Healing: Superboy has the ability to heal himself (from the wounds or diseases of others or themselves).
    • Flight: Superboy can fly without using his tactile telekinesis. He was able to fly incredibly fast from Smallville to the middle of a desert.[53]
  • Telekinesis: Superboy has full telekinetic powers; he's used it to levitate, manipulate and repel objects and people, create force fields, disassemble people and things and shoot telekinetic blasts.
    • Tactile Telekinesis: Superboy's body is completely surrounded by an invisible field of telekinetic energy, protecting him from harm and enhancing his physical abilities. This can also be used to manipulate objects that are on the same surface as the user (such as the ground) or to fly by pushing his own body through the air (this usually requires effort though).
      • Simulated Invulnerability: Superboy uses his telekinetic ability to create an invisible force field around his own body.
      • Simulated Superhuman Strength: Superboy uses a telekinetic field to lift heavy objects.[68] Superboy's strength is so great with his telekinesis he easily defeated Martian Manhunter in a few blows.[69]
      • Telekinetic Senses: Conner can similarly expand and extend his sensory output beyond the limited range of his immediate surroundings. Sharpening both his touch to feeling everything around him, from picking up the subtle vibrations on the air or in the ground in order to simulate a sonar tracking effect. To amplifying his audible/decibel range of happenstances well out of listening range.
      • Telekinetic Hyper-Acceleration: Kon-El can focus his telekiesis inward to accelerate his molecular motion in order to move at ultrahigh velocities.[4]
    • Simulated Heat Vision: By vibrating molecules within his line of sight, Superboy can set things ablaze through the application of extreme heat.
    • Telekinetic Blasts: Superboy is able to project bursts of raw energy bolts of concussive force. He mostly projected the energy from his hands, but his TK field permeated from his entire body. The blasts he emitted had concussive force equivalent to 5,000 pounds of TNT.
    • Flight: Superboy uses his telekinetic ability to emulate the practice of flying.
  • Telepathy: Superboy possesses telepathic powers, enabling him to sense, broadcast and detect the thought patterns of sentient beings. He also seemingly has a very potent telepathic resistance, that enables him to defend against psychic manipulators.[63]


  • Farming[53]
  • Genius Level Intellect: Superboy has shown to possess superior intellect to what humans could ever have. His mind works with incredible speeds, and combined with his tactile telekinesis, it might be one of his greatest assets.
  • Multilingualism: Due to his unique psionic powers, Superboy can learn new languages by simply touching a person. He has shown to know and speak English and Kryptonian perfectly.



  • Containment Suit (Formerly): Superboy's suit sports the symbol of the House of El and monitors his TK and repairs itself.

  • Superboy's name "Kon" comes from a Kryptonian slur that means "abomination."[71]
  • Tim Drake and Bart Allen both consider Conner to be their best friend.[66]



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