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Quote1 That without unity one cannot accomplish anything in life. Quote2
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Konstantin Kovar was the governor of Krasnoyarsk, Russia, who used his power to secretly run a criminal empire and terrorize the city.

Taiana Venediktov told Oliver Queen that she wanted to return to Krasnoyarsk with the Khushu Idol and take back her village from Kovar.[1] Her last request to Oliver upon her death was to for him to go to Russia to kill Kovar.

Oliver Queen joined the Bratva with the help of Anatoli Knyazev, his old friend from Lian Yu. Kovar attacked the Bratva, intending to keep them away from his new casino operation. Oliver and Bratva operative Volkov went to the casino under the guise of wanting to purchase it, but tried blowing it up with bombs. Oliver and Volkov were ambushed by Kovar's men, and tied up. Kovar told Oliver and Volkov a story about unity, after which he killed Volkov.[2]

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