Konstantin Kovar was a Russian mobster based in Vienna.

Konstantin is the owner of Das Schäman, a nightclub located in Vienna, Austria. He was a member of a Russian human-trafficking ring and was the responsible one for supplying Melissa and her adoptive daughter with new last names.[1]

Years later, a Tamaranean woman disguised herself as a human and seduced Kovar in order to track Rachel down. For a time, it worked and he wasn't only seduced, he fell deeply in love with that woman. However, at some point, he discovered her true motives and hired assassins to kill her. She lost her memories after a "car accident".[2]

With no recollection of who she is and her porpouse, she headed back to the Kovar's nightclub after a tip from one of his assassins. He tried interrogating her, but it was useless. In tears, he confessed his feelings for her, but she denied them. She burned him alongside his men after he attempted to kill her.[2]




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