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The Kookie Quartet is a team of parody characters that attempt to replace the Inferior Five as the heroes of Megalopolis. The team consists of Mr. Manplastic, Vanishing Queen, Matchstick Kid and Whatchamaycallit.


Inspired by the Justice League, Rod Rickard became determined to give himself, his wife Sophie Rickard, her brother Jerry Drizzle, and his assistant Bjorn Andersen superpowers. However, many of his experiments failed, resulting in destroyed labs. Renting out the penthouse suite of the Batson Building in Megalopolis, he and Andersen once more constructed a machine in an attempt to give them all powers.

With the machine exploding, Rickard assumed that he failed again. However, they quickly realized that the machine did work, and they each had a new power; Andersen with super-strength (and a skin condition), Rod Rickard with stretching abilities like Plastic Man, Drizzle with the ability to ignite (with the help of a match), and Sophie Rickard with invisibility powers. Rod Rickard says that they will fight crime as the Kookie Quartet.

After outfitting themselves at the Heroic Costume Shop, they confront the Inferior Five. Thoroughly unimpressed by how the young heroes handle situations, they tell them that they are Megalopolis's new protectors. The confrontation is interrupted when King-Size and Terrible Tsetse Fly attack the Factory Trust Bank.

The Quartet ignore the Inferior Five's attempts to help and try and stop the villains themselves, but are still inexperienced with their powers, and the Five manage too stop them instead. Infuriated by this, a brawl breaks out between the two teams. Mr. Manplastic attempts to flee as the Inferior Five take out his teammates, but he is stopped by Plastic Man.[1]

Later, a race of aliens invade Earth, and all heroes are called to help, and the Kookie Quartet arrive, sporting their new blue costumes with a Q on their chests. Whatchamaycallit falls almost immediately, being blown to pieces and Matchstick Kid's flame is extinguished. Mr. Manplastic stretches himself to capture the aliens, but a wayward arrow from White Feather hits him, breaking his concentration. Soon, the Inferior Five are the only heroes left, Vanishing Queen blaming them for the defeat of her teammates.

After Superman stealthily defeats the aliens, the Inferior Five once more get the credit. Partnering with the other irritated heroes Cobweb Kid and Sub-Moron, they planned to ambush the Five again.[2]


Transportation: Rocket Bikes, presumably created by Mr. Manplastic.


The Kookie Quartet is a team the consists of characters that are parodies of Marvel's Fantastic Four

  • Mr. Fantastic --> Mr. Manplastic
  • Invisible Woman --> Vanishing Queen
  • Human Torch --> Matchstick Kid
  • The Thing --> Whatchamaycallit

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