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Koriand'r, also known as the hero Starfire, was a Tamaranean alien princess and member of the Teen Titans.


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Starfire escaped her alien captors and fled through a portal into New York City. Younger versions of the Teen Titans found her and helped her fend off the alien slavers. After kissing Dick Grayson, as Robin, she absorbed the English language and explains to them that her sister, Komand'r, had taken over her home planet and that she must return to defeat her. The Titans offered her shelter until she was ready. Starfire said that she would only need a week, at most. Jump ahead to modern day as the Titans trashed a secret base that was owned by Brother Blood. Nightwing decided to take the next step in his relationship with Starfire and asked her to move in with him. She accepted. However, now that Nightwing was back with the Titans, Starfire felt that her leadership was being undermined, even though Nightwing tried to comfort her on the subject. After finally settling into their new apartment, Starfire discovers that she is not a great cook and asks Dick to pick up takeout on his way back. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and Starfire discovers a package on the floor with a note on it saying "From Dick, with Love". But what Starfire doesn't know is that the package is actually a trap placed by Terra and Deathstroke. Starfire wakes up with the rest of the Titans, minus Nightwing, in the Church of Blood. Brother Blood absorbs each of the Titans' powers for his own. After Nightwing disrupts the ritual, Starfire and the rest of the Titans fight Brother Blood while Damian and Nightwing handle Deathstroke. Terra's fury over Deathstroke's betrayal causes her to bring the entire place to the ground. The Titans are able to escape. Starfire and Dick finally relax at their new place, eating Chinese and watching Looney Tunes.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Five years later, Starfire is the current leader of the Teen Titans and dating Dick Grayson, [1] now going by the alias Nightwing. Dick drops off Damian to live with them. Things turn ugly almost immediately when Damian begins to interfere with their personal space. After complaining to Dick, Starfire comes up with an idea for Damian to bond with the rest of the Titans. She takes them all to the fair and everyone seems to be having a good time when, suddenly, demons appear determined to bring Raven to their father, Trigon. Starfire and the Titans are able to protect Raven and return to Titan's Tower where they come face to face with the Justice League, who have been taken over by Trigon's demons. Starfire faces Wonder Woman in battle and loses. Raven agrees to accompany the possessed Justice League to Trigon in exchange for letting the Titans live. After regrouping, Starfire and the Titans follow the Justice League into the middle of the desert just as Trigon is released from his prison. Raven transports them all to Trigon's domain in the hopes of imprisoning him again. After succeeding in stopping Trigon for good, the Justice League congratulates the Teen Titans on a job well done. Wonder Woman tells Starfire that she should be proud.






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