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Kraken was a dedicated member of the second iteration of the Green Lantern Corps.

Originally hailing from Apokolips, she was a fierce warrior, and proved her valor during the "Sinestro Corps War". Following the war's end, Kraken was selected to join a new contingent of the GLC known as the Alpha Lantern Corps. Her body underwent biological conversion to make her an infallible, incorruptible enforcer of the Book of Oa.[1]

Although the Guardians of the Universe had the greatest confidence in their new Alpha Lanterns, they were still vulnerable to forces of a higher power. Following the "Death of the New Gods" event, the essence of the late Apokoliptian Granny Goodness took root inside of Kraken's psyche. Nobody within the Green Lantern or Alpha Lantern Corps knew that she had become corrupted. To facilitate the wishes of her lord and master Darkseid, Kraken framed Hal Jordan for the murder of the New God Orion.[2] When Batman confronted Kraken about her accusations, she was briefly able to overcome Granny's control and tried to warn the Dark Knight, only for Granny to suppress her and send Batman to the New Gods' base in Bludhaven.[3]

A formal inquest was conducted first on the Justice League Satellite, then on Oa. Kraken accused Jordan of being corrupted by the souls of Apokolips, citing that his history with the Parallax entity made him an ideal and vulnerable target. Ultimately though, Kraken's duplicitous scheme was exposed by Honor Lanterns Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner. In a last ditch effort to fulfill her mission objectives, Granny/Kraken attempted to siphon the green energy reservoir from the Central Power Battery. The Guardians initiated the Krona Protocol and Kraken was apprehended and taken to a Sciencell.[4]







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