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Kristen Kringle was the records keeper at the Gotham City Police Department.

Kringle was the object of affection to Edward Nygma, and though she found him weird at first, slowly started to warm up to him. Kringle dated Arnold Flass and officer Tom Daugherty, two officers whom Nygma was jealous and wary of.

However, Tom Daugherty soon began physically abusing Kristen Kringle. When Nygma discovered his actions, he confronted Officer Daugherty and eventually murdered him.[1]

Kristen at first mourned the loss of Officer Daugherty. She received a letter from Nygma posing as Officer Daugherty where he offered his sympathies. However, he secretly had encoded a message in the first letter of each line in the letter to reveal his name.[2] Eventually, Nygma worked up the nerve to ask Kristen on a date. She accepted and became attracted to his quirky personality. During their date, he slipped and informed her that Officer Daugherty may be dead. She'd excused herself from the room, and walked back in on him snapping at his hallucination. As she packed her belongings to leave, she began to feel emotionally distressed. Nygma convinced her to stay and showed vulnerability with admitting he hears voices in his head. The two kissed in a moment of passion.[3]

  • Kristen Kringle was played by Chelsea Spack.



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