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Kristopher Roderic is a crooked landowner in Louisiana and collector of art and antiquities who, as was revealed, is a descendant of Hath-Set's.

He'll go to any lengths to acquire what properties he wants, and He has also angered many a museum curator for forever locking beautiful and invaluable works out of the public view. He covets ownership of the Stonechat Museum as well.[1]

He even tried to hire Shadow Thief and Tigress to get a hold of a valuable ruby called the Third Eye of Shiva in India's jungles that Danny Evans, son of Stonechat's curator, Oliver Evans, traveled to India to find, since it could help to save the museum financially, and luckily, with Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Jayita Sahir's help, succeeded in bringing back the Shiva gem home.[2]

Roderic may have been defeated then, but most likely won't give up so easily, certainly not after the Hawks came to confront him one evening after getting back with the gem. he has set about reclaiming certain weapons of Hath-Set, with which he intends to murder them again.[3]


Roderic has no super human abilities however he has vast wealth, influence and criminal contacts. Roderic usually retains several superhuman operatives to do his bidding.



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