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Kroc was a student attending Sidekick City Elementary. When he grew up, he became the super-villain Killer Croc, an enemy of Batman.

Aw Yeah Kroc!

Kroc saw Beast Boy and Terra walking to school and decided to follow them. He first went to Mr. Tawny's math class and ate some chalk and chalk erasers. He then went to Dr. Light's science class on pet show-n-tell day. He was initially mistaken for Beast Boy's pet, until Kroc took out his pet, baby alligator. Unfortunately, Kroc's pet got loose, causing a panic. During lunchtime, he got in line, only for Mr. Darkseid to tell him he needed a tray. Kroc tried to get him to throw the food directly into his mouth, which he begrudgingly applied to. Lastly, he walked into Plastic Man's closet and left a mysterious bucket, perplexing both the janitor and Principal Slade.[1]






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