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Kryl-Ux is a veteran Phaelosian gladiator in the arenas of Warworld.

When Kryl-Ux was a young man, the Phaelosians' world was attacked by Warworld. His home was destroyed and his family were killed. Kryl-Ux and the few other surviving Phaelosians were put in the arenas with the other "strays", and forced to fight for their lives. He battled and survived in the arena for years, accumulating a long chain of victories.[1]

Some Phaelosians held out hope that the Superman would save them. A girl named Thao-La was forced to go to Earth to lure Superman to Warworld.[2] When he arrived, Mongul defeated Superman and his allies and threw him in the arena.[3] Superman's powers did not work on Warworld, which was saturated with red solar energy, so he asked Kryl-Ux to teach him how to fight without them.[1]

Superman's ally Midnighter sent him word that he was planning to destroy Warworld's red solar generators, which would restore Superman's powers and allow him to defeat Mongul, but would also cause Warworld to break apart and kill thousands. Kryl-Ux told Superman there may be a way to restore his powers without killing anyone, and lead him to an area in Warworld called the Necorpolis. Superman was able to absorb energy from the radioactive minerals in the walls and regain some of his powers, but when his super-hearing returned he realised that the Phaelosians back in the cells of the arena were being killed by Mongul's soldiers.[4]

They reunited with Superman's ally Midnighter in the Necropolis and raced back to the arena.[5] Together the three of them rescued the Phaelosians and lead a mass breakout of the gladiators.[6] They formed an armed rebellion against Mongul, hiding out in the Necropolis.[7]




  • Solar Energy Dependency: Like Kryptonians and Daxamites, Phaelosians rely on solar radiation from the yellow sun as a source of their powers. Their abilities will eventually weaken without replenishing their energy reserves with normal (yellow) sun radiation.[8]
    • No Solar Energy: Due to decades spent in the red sun environment of Warworld, Kryl-Ux's cells have no stored "yellow" sun radiation to fuel his powers.

  • In his first appearance Kryl-Ux is drawn with pink eyes. In subsequent appearances he is generally drawn with grey eyes and occasionally blue eyes.