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Krypto is the loyal companion of Superman and Superboy.


Krypto was taken in by Jor-El and Lara as a puppy. He also had a loving relationship with their infant son Kal-El. As Brainiac destroyed Krypton, Lara put Krypton in a Kryptonian Rocket with Kal-El so he wouldn't be alone.[1]

Superman of Smallville

At some point, the two were separated. Krypto was picked up by a Brainiac Rocket, but he arrived to Smallville twelve years after Kal-El. Kal-El found Krypto on the grounds of Luthor Mansion, but he had no recollection of his dog. He took him back to Kent Farm, with Jonathan Kent begrudgingly letting him say. Not long afterwards, Lex Luthor accidentally activated the Brainiac Rocket and it went on a rampage. Kal-El, under the alias Superman, tried to stop it, but it was Krypto who was able to defeat it. In the process, Superman learned Krypto's origin and he became known as he "Superdog."[2]

The New Krypto

Lex Luthor created a device that could absorb the powers of Kryptonians. The device ended up taking the powers of Krypto into his warsuit, but due to his proximity, his pet mouse, Fuzzy, also took some of his powers. Luthor went to confront the Superman Family, being defeated and being apprehended by Fuzzy. Since Fuzzy helped them, they allowed Fuzzy to keep his powers and join them. Krypto revealed to Fuzzy that all Super Pets could talk, telling him it was a secret.[3]






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