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Quote1.png Oh, man, red and green ones? No wonder I feel angry and sick at the same time. Quote2.png

Kryptomites are sentient mineral lifeforms created by Lena Luthor using a combination of Kryptonite dust -surreptitiously taken from Supergirl's Kryptonian Rocket- and alien technology.


Kryptomites are short creatures, looking like jagged flat rocks with eyes, mouth and rudimentary limbs. Yet they are surprisingly quick and nimble, and their stumpy, fingerless hands don't preclude them from operating heavy machinery.

Kryptomites are extremely mischievous creatures who love wreaking havoc and creating chaos purposelessly, particularly if they're making some hero's life harder. They are also intelligent enough to work with others, operate advanced machines, and understand human idioms. They have apparently developed their own language, even though it sounds like gibberish to everyone but Lena Luthor.

There are many varieties from differently-colored Kryptomites due to their origins: green, red, blue, yellow, orange and purple. Nevertheless, their bodies' radiation have also effects on humans, albeit not on Tamaraneans.

Despite their intelligence, abilities and mischief, they are loyal to Lena Luthor. Lena has admitted she manufactured them because she doesn't manage to find henchmen who are able to put up with her.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Unique Physiology: Kryptomites have displayed a veritable array of powers, some of them stemming from their Kryptonite physiology.

  • Bio-Fission: Kryptomites have shown the ability to duplicate themselves.
  • Bio-Fusion: Kryptomites have been known to fuse their bodies in order to create a new, more powerful Kryptomite.[1]
  • Flight: Kryptomites are able to float.
  • Mind Control: Depending on the kind of Kryptomite, their bodies' radiation can make people irrationally mad, paranoid, confused or frightened.
    • Purple Kryptomites: Use hypnosis to control the minds of anyone nearby.
    • Yellow Kryptomites: Fear Projection: Instill fear.
    • Green Kryptomites: Weaken Kryptonians.
    • Blue Kryptomites: Create confusion for all who get too close.
    • Red Kryptomites: Bring out the anger in almost everyone.
    • Orange Kryptomites: Make people paranoid.
  • Regeneration: When a Kryptomite is shattered, a new Kryptomite grows from every shard.[2]


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