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"The Search for Superman's Roots": Morgan Edge calls Clark Kent and Perry White into his office at Galaxy Broadcasting. He informs them that he wants to produce the definitive mini-serie

Quote1.png All I know of my ancestors is what these statues tell-- Their names and little more! How can I learn who they were... How they lived... And what they accomplished in life... Good or evil? Quote2.png

Krypton Chronicles #1 is an issue of the series Krypton Chronicles (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1981.

Synopsis for "The Search for Superman's Roots"

Morgan Edge calls Clark Kent and Perry White into his office at Galaxy Broadcasting. He informs them that he wants to produce the definitive mini-series biography on Superman and assigns Kent the burdensome task of investigating Superman's roots. Kent reluctantly agrees to the assignment and secretly changes into Superman shortly after the meeting concludes.

He flies off to his Fortress of Solitude where he finds his cousin, Supergirl, waiting for him. Together, they board a spaceship and fly off to the city of Kandor on the planet, Rokyn. When they arrive, dozens of Kryptonians show up to greet them including Van-Zee and Supergirl's parents, Zor-El and Allura

Van-Zee and Zor-El take Superman into the House of El Family Vault in memory of all of the esteemed members of the House of El. They regale each other with stories of Superman's prestigious family line including: Gam-El, the architect of Kryptonopolis, Tala-El, a pioneering diplomat, Pir-El, a respected military commander, as well as many others.

As the Kryptonians research several generations of Superman's family lineage, a mysterious foe sneaks into the vault and releases a rare Kryptonian monster known as a Yagrum. Superman and Supergirl spin around and prepare to face the creature head-on.

Appearing in "The Search for Superman's Roots"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • El Family Vault
  • Thought Records
  • Thought-Tracker Eye
  • Grahu
  • Disintegrator Sphere
  • Pacifist-Gas


  • Superman's Mid-Sized Space Ship


  • This limited series takes place in Pre-Crisis continuity.
  • Jor-El and Lara appear on the cover to this issue, but do not actually appear in the story itself.


  • Former criminals — all honestly reformed with the exception of Zora — greet Kal-El and Kara on Rokyn and declare that they have reformed. Zora pretends to be sorry for her actions in Action Comics #304. Shyla Kor-Onn feels shame for framing Supergirl in Superman Family #188. Brenn-Bir and his two cronies repent for their crime spree in Action Comics #336.
  • This issue includes a one-page glossary of various people and locations germain to the planet, Krypton.
  • "Drygur" is a title, rather than a name, for the President of Kandor.

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