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It was used not only for war, but also for survival in the harsh radioactive wastelands.

The Kryptonian War Suit was developed during Krypton's last historical epoch.


It was used not only for war, but also for survival in the harsh radioactive wastelands.

One such battle-suit was created by the service robots inside the Fortress of Solitude. When Superman returned from the dead after being killed fighting Doomsday, he used a Kryptonian warsuit to facilitate the slow recuperative process. Once he reached civilization, he discarded the suit in order to help other heroes fight Mongul and the Cyborg during the "Reign of the Supermen!". During this time, the suit was forgotten about until Lex Luthor (II) discovered it. Bringing it back to Metropolis, Lex reprogrammed it as an automatic fail-safe should Earth ever become the target of another alien invasion. While Luthor lay near death, a victim of the clone plague, he activated the warsuit and used it to house him. With access to all of the suit's armaments, Lex used it to fight Superman during the "Fall of Metropolis". To defeat Luthor, Superman was forced to destroy the armor.[1]

The elements of the armor were reverse-engineered and used to create the Simm-Bot battle armor used by the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit.[2]


The Kryptonian Warsuit is equipped with a vast array of high-powered Kryptonian weaponry.


  • The warsuits were part of the post-Crisis redefining of Krypton. Their appearances mostly fall within the continuity of of New Earth. Some Elseworlds stories published after 1988 based on or echoing the New earth continuity have included them as well.


  • One of the Kryptonian warsuit was repurposed by Lex Luthor to create his own warsuit.[3]

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