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Kuasa is the former ruler of the M'Changa region of Zambesi and the older sister of Vixen (Mari McCabe).


Kuasa was chosen shortly to be the guardian of the Anansi Totem at an early age. In 1992,[3] when Kuasa was four years old, Benatu Eshu raided her home village. Her mother fled with the totem and her other daughter, Mari, before Kuasa was able to receive the totem. It went to Mari instead, who used it to become the hero Vixen.


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In adulthood, Kuasa hired Professor MacAlaster to obtain the totem from Mari, in exchange for funding for his expedition to Zambesi. After he succeeded, she journeyed to Detroit herself to try and obtain the totem. Despite a short fight, Kuasa captured her sister and brought her to the ruins of their village in Zambesi. Her sister again resisted, but with the aid of a venomous spider, Kuasa managed to overpower her and take the totem. However, Mari's connection with the totem and the animal kingdom was already strong. With the aid of some animal spirits Mari was able to reclaim the totem from Kuasa. She used the same spider her sister had used on her earlier. Kuasa was hospitalized.

Mari and MacAlaster enlisted Kuasa, still hospitalized, to stop Edhu, who had come to Detroit to steal the Fire Totem. Kuasa led them to the Water Totem, but took it for herself. After a short battle with Vixen, Atom and Black Canary, Kuasa decided to help her sister defeat Eshu. Kuasa attempted to defeat him with her Water Totem but was burned to death along with the Water Totem.


Kuasa was resurrected out of a lake by a follower of Mallus, an enemy to her grandmother Amaya Jiwe and her team.

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New Timeline

After her grandmother altered history, the massacre of the Zambesi village was prevented. This changed Kuasa's path in life. In the new timeline, she and Mari shared the Anansi Totem, with both operating as Vixen.[4]


  • Hydrokinesis: (Formerly) Due to previous use and interaction with Zambesi's Water Totem and being resurrected by one of Mallus's followers, Kuasa gained the ability to transform parts or all of her body into water. She has essentially become one with the Water Totem, allowing her to use these powers.