Quote1.png Whatever power you might absorb, your shell is nothing more than a machine! What man-made thing can truly stand against the unleashed power of a star? Quote2.png
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Kuat is the sun god for the Kamayurá people, one of the Tupian (Tupi-Guarani) tribes in the Amazon Rainforest, and twin brother of the moon god Iae.[1]

According to the myth, Kuat was originally a hero to whom the origin of the day was attributed. In the beginning of time all was darkness because the sky was black with the wings of great birds and humanity crept through the world, easy prey for predators that they could not see. Kuat then tricked the King of the Birds by luring him down to earth and then capturing him. Kuat then made with him a compromise: half the day the sky would be clear, and so day and night were born. Humanity saw the Sun for the first time, and Kuat was made its god, becaming the Sun itself, and his twin brother, Iae, became the Moon.[1]

Currently Kuat and Iae run a farm outside São Paulo, Brazil, where they distill their own cachaça and, from time to time, make human beings remember their existence interfering with their divine powers, being grateful to Wonder Woman (Yara Flor) that people have returned to believe in them since she is of their lineage.[1]

When one day Solaris, the Tyrant Sun, approached Earth, Kuat, saying he would not be replaced again, mounted his golden headless mule and galloped into space to confront him, disputing with him over who had the greatest solar powers, having temporarily won the competition.[1]




  • This character is an adaptation of Kuat, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore.
  • Although he is the sun god for an important Tupi-Guarani tribe, Kuat is not the main Tupian sun god, being this Kuarahy (also spelled Kuarasy or Guaraci), worshiped by the majority of the Tupi-Guarani peoples from the Amazon to the Río de la Plata Basin.



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