Kurt Steiner was a Schutzstaffel officer who was tasked by Adolf Hitler with the mission to lead the Fortress Regensdorf, in which prisoners of war were kept.

He was visited by the former baron of the fortress, Max Regensdorf, but unknownst to Steiner, the "baron" turned out to be the Unknown Soldier who forced him to free a prisoner of the castle. Secretly, Steiner knew that the Unknown Soldier was coming and replaced the prisoner with one of his own men, prior to Max's visit. His man was killed, but the Unknown Soldier was willing to change his and Sparrow's, the prisoner's position, bringing the Unknown Soldier into the hands of Steiner.[1]

Steiner, along with his soldiers, then began to torture his prisoner, recorded it, and sent it to Adolf Hitler, who found it very amusing. Said Hitler was also invited to the arranged execution of the Unknown Soldier, who could trick Steiner into sending his mask with the blueprints in it to the Allied Forces. The Allies began to attack the fortress, free the Unknown Soldier, and killing nearly all German soldiers.

Steiner then, with his last strength, tried to hit the Unknown Soldier, but instead felt down a cliff, killing him in the process.[2]



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