Kwiz Kid was a teenager with a crush on Kitten, who used him as a means of getting close to Robin, while on a break with Fang. Kwiz Kid agreed to Kitten's terms, which were that he had to craft an unsolvable riddle which Robin could not solve, and only after he was defeated would she go on a date with him. After having hacked Titans Tower's video feed, he proclaimed to Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans that he planned to make himself known as Robin's arch nemesis by putting him through a series of trials that Kwiz Kid was sure he would fail. As insurance, he made it seem to the Titans as though he would drown Kitten if they did not take on his challenge. As much as they disliked Kitten, they agreed. He had set up four clues to the location of his lair, which Robin and the rest of the Titans quickly solve while it becomes increasingly apparent that Kitten had no interest in Kwiz Kid whatsoever. As Kitten walked out of the lair, expecting to see Robin, she and Kwiz Kid instead saw that Kitten's father Killer Moth had also come to rescue her, and was battling the Titans, effectively ruining Kitten's plan. Kwiz Kid, having expected such treachery, revealed that the version of himself that had gone outside had been a hologram, which disappeared leaving no clue to his true whereabouts.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Kwiz Kid is a genius and considers himself far superior to the Teen Titans.
  • Gadgetry: Kwiz Kid is good with computers and gadgets since he can program a hologram of himself to play while he makes an escape.


  • Hubris: Kwiz Kid thinks of himself much smarter than Robin and underestimates the Titan. This usually leads to his capture.
  • This character never appeared in the main Teen Titans TV series and exclusive to its comic series.
  • This character is very similar in nature to The Riddler.
  • Kwiz Kid makes an odd reference to Robin's being able to run faster than him, and being better at dodgeball than him. Whether this points to a previous civilian relationship between the two, or if it is simply a glimpse into the root of Kwiz Kid's insecurities is unknown.



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