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Kworri is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Kworri was one of the aggressive Obsidian-Folk race of Stoneworld and belonged to a family of warriors, protectors of the lava pits for three thousand generations. When Hal Jordan attempted to restart the Green Lantern Corps, he sent one of his rookies, Brik, to draw in new recruits. Brik selected one member from each of Stoneworld's two most dominant races: Kworri of the Obsidian-Folk and Aa of the Pumice People.

Shortly after being recruited, Kworri, Aa, and Brik were captured by Flicker, an agent of the Pan-Galactic Placement Services corporation. As a "cosmic headhunter", Flicker intended to sell the up-and-coming Green Lanterns to a race known as the Quanhooga. They had already succeeded in capturing Hal Jordan and attempted to brainwash him into giving up information concerning the Earthling Carol Ferris, aka, Star Sapphire. Hal broke free of their controls and rescued Kworri and the others. By Jordan's decision they would track Star Sapphire. This caused dissent between the two recruits. Aa did not wish to go on Jordan's personal quest. Kworri, who was Aa's rival, offered his unfailing loyalties in whatever mission they would undertake. Jordan decided he would give the ring to the better of the two.[1]

Kworri and Aa were made temporary Green Lanterns, as Hal Jordan had to answer a distress call from Earth. They tracked a Teban battle-dhow to a war with the Quahooga. Flicker had planted information leading Jordan to Star Sapphire. The Green Lanterns were at a stalemate with the mercenary. If Jordan did not surrender his ring, Flicker would kill Star Sapphire. Aa used her ring to distract Flicker, and he misfired. Aa's rash action, though it endangered Sapphire, allowed Jordan to fight back against Flicker. With Teban reinforcements approaching, the four Green Lanterns escaped, bringing the imprisoned Star Sapphire with them. Thereafter, Jordan made his decision in choosing Aa as a Green Lantern over Kworri; even though Kworri had indeed been loyal, Jordan wanted Green Lanterns who could question judgments, and override decisions if necessary.[2]

At some unspecific time, Kworri had passed away though the details of his demise have yet to be reported. He is memorialized in the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps on Oa.[3] During the Blackest Night, Kworri was briefly resurrected as a Black Lantern.






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