Kyle Willowbrook was the granddaughter of Joseph Willowbrook and a member of the Kawatche tribe.

At some point in her life, Kyle gained an ability to transform herself into a wolf.

In 2002, Kyla was researching the Kawatche Caves for her grandfather. The caves were at risk, because of a LuthorCorp construction project, which Joseph was trying to prevent. Out of a desire to help her grandfather, Kyla transformed into a wolf to scare the foreman of the project. However, things got out of hand, when her presence lead to an explosion that killed the foreman. The next day, Kyla was back in the caves, when a wall collapsed and revealed a secret area. Inside Kyla encountered Clark Kent, who had fallen through the ceiling of the cave and caused the wall to collapse. She told him the Legend of Naman, which quickly drew his interest.

Together they examined the paintings on the walls, when the ongoing construction caused a minor collapse in the cave and Clark saved her life, revealing his own powers. This made Kyla convinced that Clark was Naman. Furthermore, as the painting of the woman that Naman was said to be destined to be with, resembled a bracelet she wore, she became convinced that she was the woman destined to be with Clark. As her activities got her grandfather into trouble with the law, Kyla decided to attack Lionel Luthor at Luthor Mansion, but Clark interfered. Jumping through a window, Kyla cut herself on the glass and later died in Clark's arms. Her grandfather gave her bracelet to Clark.


  • Kyla Willowbrook was portrayed by Tamara Feldman.



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