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Kyle Nimbus was a hit man for the Darbinyan Crime Family in Central City before his arrest at the hands of Detective Joe West.

Nimbus was convicted for his murders and sentenced to death, scheduled to be executed the same day as the activation of Central City's particle accelerator. Successfully executed through lethal injection, Nimbus was revived when the particle accelerator broke down, releasing unknown energies throughout Central City. Nimbus' body reacted with the lethal dose of poison he was given, allowing him to change his body composition to become a sentient gas himself. Nimbus swore revenge on all the people that caused his execution, becoming the criminal later dubbed the Mist.[1]

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  • Power Loss: Nimbus can only stay in his gaseous state for a short period of time before having to return to his solid state. Whenever he needs to catch his breath, he is vulnerable to attack.[1]



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