Working as an artist for the Daily Planet, Kyle Rayner was chosen by the ring of Abin Sur to become the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814. With the help of Superman, Kyle defeated rogue Green Lantern, Sinestro.

Sometime afterwards, Kyle was transferred off the planet to be trained by Katma Tui by John Stewart's request as John took over the sector for him, but he became a bad student. As time went by, Kyle would be part of Oa's defensive squadron of Green Lanterns.

During a transmission which determined if Kyle would trade places with John for a short time due to recent events in Stewarts personal life, the android, Amazo, shot towards Oa with amazing speed. Kyle and the defensive team were unable to stop the android before it slammed into the planets surface, seemingly destroying it.

After recovering from injuries, Kyle and the team headed for Earth, Amazo's destination, to find the wreckage of dozens of Justice League javelins, and injured Justice League members, such as John Stewart and Superman.

John Stewart led the rest of the Green Lanterns to Lex Luthor's hideout, built specially in case of the androids return, due to their history, only to be stopped by Doctor Fate. Luthor was able to calm the android and walk away unharmed. It was discovered that Amazo did not destroy Oa but simply moved it to another dimension, which was quickly moved back.




Oath unknown.



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