Very little is known about this individual save that he appears to be the Green Lantern of the parallel reality designated Earth-15. Although he bears a strong physical resemblance to Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, this Green Lantern's true identity is as yet unknown. This Green Lantern wields a power ring similar in form and function to a traditional Green Lantern ring. Whether this ring has any built-in restrictions or limitations remains to be seen. Green Lantern once met his New Earth counterpart when Kyle (along with Donna Troy, Jason Todd, the Jokester and Bob the Monitor) came to Earth-15 in search of a missing super-hero named Ray Palmer. Green Lantern and his allies, Superman, Batman, the Atom and Wonder Woman were unable to assist the adventurers in this matter, and the venturing heroes departed Earth-15 shortly thereafter.




Oath unknown.



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