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Kyle Rayner took on the mantle of Green Lantern after Alan Scott retired.

He helped Superman find the formula that the Ultra-Humanite had created and perfected that would restore his Kryptonian powers by removing the green barrier around the Ultra-Humanite's metallic fortress and then using the ring to render the fortress invisible, enabling Clark Wayne as Knight-Wing to find the vial containing the formula. A few years before, however, he was being pursued by Sinestro, who sought to kill all Green Lanterns with his power ring, including Alan Scott and his would-be successor Hal Jordan. Hal took over Alan's power ring and became Green Lantern, defeating Sinestro and helping to rebuild the Green Lantern Corps before Kyle reassumed control of the power ring.


Kyle's Green Lantern suit in Superman & Batman: Generations looks like a hybrid version of his 1990s New Earth uniform and Alan Scott's Green Lantern uniform.