Kyle Rayner was burdened with the White Lantern Ring and the Life Equation.

Five years into the future, White Lantern Kyle Rayner was imbued with the Life Equation which made him to see the truth of the universe. Driven mad by this revelation, Kyle became obsessed to making the universe 'pure' by brainwashing every being in the known universe into obedient followers of the White Light. Kyle's extremist agenda was violently turned against by his former allies, the Templar Guardians and Carol Ferris, whom he eventually killed them but sparing Guardian Yekop. But Kyle soon realized the errors of his actions and learning that he will become one with The Source, he was unable to see beyond his own perspective and chose to find a worthy successor who will undo what he has done. Kyle's search for his successor come in the form of a rebellious young woman named Saysoran, who successfully resisted Kyle's brainwashing. After testing Saysoran, Kyle was satisfied and become one with The Source while leaving his White Lantern Ring to Saysoran.[1]




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