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Kyle Tippet was a terrible salesman and the business partner of Bob Rickman.

During the 1989 meteor shower, Kyle and Bob were mutated and developed an ability to control anyone, that they made physical contact with.

However, Kyle became afraid of his ability and hid himself away, in the woods near Smallville. Bob began to exploit his ability for profit, but if Bob stayed out of Smallville, Kyle let him be. Kyle convinced himself that what happened elsewhere in the world wasn't in problem.

Due to his hermit lifestyle, Kyle became heavily disliked by the population of the town. This came to a head in 2002, when Kyle was wrongfully accused of trying to attack Lana Lang. Around the same time, Bob showed up in town and used this to his advantage, to get rid of Kyle. However, Kyle's life was saved by Clark Kent. Ultimately, Kyle chose to confront Bob and proved himself to be the more powerful of the two. Using his ability, he got Bob to shoot himself.

Afterwards, Kyle left Smallville, promising to use his ability for good.


  • Mind Control: Kyle is able to control the mind of anyone he touches.

  • Kyle Tippet was portrayed by Gregory Sporleder.