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Kyra Arg is the Infinite Woman, an immortal cavewoman and enemy of the Immortal Men. She leads the House of Conquest, the first house of immortals.


Kyra Arg was born in the 47th Millennium BCE and had five siblings. The land was full of clans such as the Wolf Clan lead by Vandar Adg, who later became known as Vandal Savage. The five siblings made up the Bear Clan, and lived normal lives of hunting, eating and sleeping. One night, a meteor struck the ground and the five siblings went to investigate the light from the sky. Upon contact with the meteorite's radiation, the siblings brain activity was increased to modern capability, and they soon discovered that they didn't age.[1]

The five agreed that the radiation was a gift that they should use to help humanity, but the five had different ideas on how to use the gift. Kyra believed conquest would help the world by rooting out the weak in society, and destroying them, making society safer from dangers as only the strong survived; thus Kyra founded the House of Conquest, the first house of immortals.[1] Three of the siblings chose to use Knowledge, Harmony, and Expression in guiding humanity, and thus founded the House of Knowledge, the House of Harmony, and the House of Expression respectively.[1] Kyra's brother Klarn chose Action, as he though that random acts of good from good people would help save humanity, and that if he chose the right people to share his immortality with these people he could eventually make the world great; thus he founded the House of Action, the fifth and last house of immortals.[1]

The five agreed that their ideals should never come into conflict with one-another, no matter the circumstances, so each was left to their own devices. Kyra took on the name Infinite Woman and over the millennia stoked many conquests behind the scenes, such as the conquest's made by the Romans and Alexander the Great.[1] Kyra also gathered many followers out of those she deemed the strongest and gifted them immortality such as the men that would become known as the Hunt and the Kill. The Kill, through his haemokinesis, was able to create horrific creatures out of corpses named the bloodless which would essentially work as Kyra's private army for centuries.[2] Over the millennia, Infinite Woman had many disagreements with Klarn, whom she believed was halting her idea of a safer world.[3]

The Immortal Men

In the modern day, Kyra allied herself with the Batman Who Laughs, a dark version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse trapped on Kyra's Earth after his master's failed invasion of the Multiverse.[3] The One Who Laughs told Kyra he could build her a great weapon to keep conflict beating in the hearts of humans, but would require the blood of all of Klarn's disciples.[2] To provide the One Who Laughs with his material, Kyra broke the ancient rules of peace between the five houses of immortals by assaulting the Campus, base of the House of Action. With her minions, Infinite Woman was able to slaughter her brother's followers, forcing him to retreat the scene with his last four remaining disciples.[3]

Kyra facing her brother for the last time

After searching the complex, Kyra found that Klarn's next recruit was going to be a Korean boy named Caden Park, and so sent a contingent of Bloodless after the teenager in a subway tunnel; however, the four disciples calling themselves the Immortal Men saved Caden from the Bloodless.[3]

Caden fled the subway tunnel, so Infinite Woman sent The Kill to his home where he killed Caden's parents and awaited the boy's arrival. After Caden and the Immortal Men arrived, Infinite Woman fired missiles at the apartment complex, and teleported down to the surface with The Hunt to finish the job; however, the immortal Ghost Fist was able to evacuate all his teammates except one with his teleportation powers. Infinite Woman was able to capture the immortal Reload who had been left behind.[4] The Hunt was able to track down the Immortal Men to a small warehouse where they had rendezvoused with Klarn himself.[2] Deciding she was needed, Infinite Woman lead an assault on the Immortal Men, where she faced off against her brother; with a blade covered in the blood of her immortal enemies, Kyra was able to kill her little brother.[1]

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  • Eradiated Physiology: Since bathing in the radiations of the meteor, Kyra and her 4 siblings cannot die by any means.[1]
    • Immortality: Kyra will never age past the day her skin touched the meteor.[1]
    • Invulnerability: Although she can be hurt Kyra can never die by any external means.[1]
    • Power Distribution: Kyra can gift pieces of her immortality to others but not her invulnerability, meaning that those she gifts with eternal life can still die by external means.[1]


  • Leadership: Kyra has effectively lead the House of Conquest for millennia.
  • Swordsmanship: Kyra carries a sword around with her everywhere she goes, she is so good with it that she was able to go toe-to-toe with her brother Klarn for a while.[1]


  • Vulnerability to Her Blood: Although Infinite Woman cannot be harmed, she does have a weakness to her own blood. If harmed by someone with a weapon drenched in her blood or in the blood of those she gifted immortality the damage is permanent, meaning she can be killed by someone with a weapon of this kind.[1]


  • The Siege: The Siege is the base of operations for the House of Conquest; it is a mobile battle station capable of cloaking.[3]


  • Sword: Kyra carries a sword with her, which she drenches in the blood of Klarn's dead followers; this means the blade has the potential to kill her and her siblings.[1]

  • Kyra is the eldest of her siblings, and is also older than Vandal Savage, making her the oldest known living human being by a few years.[3]



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