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Quote1.png My job is to prevent the atrocities of tomorrow. I am the Godslayer. Quote2.png
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L'Call, better known as the Godslayer, is an assassin whose targets are those who he has seen committing major crimes in the future using a magic ritual that grants him access to "the Spheres".

With the Spheres, L'Call can see images of the past and the future, dealing justice how he sees fit.

Godslayer, having been an assassin for generations, has killed a countless number of future-criminals under the guidance of the elder Ch'Arr. After killing a Harkavian warlord in front of the man's three wives and multiple children, L'Call informed Ch'Arr that he had decided to retire from the bloodshed. However, the woman assigned him one last mission: to assassinate the Earthling that would one day replace Darkseid - Lex Luthor. Understanding the importance of the mission, L'Call accepted. [1]

With his partner, Zade, the two aliens arrived at Earth and discovered Luthor had fashioned himself a new super-suit and was calling himself Superman in the wake of the hero's demise.[2] The two aliens fought Luthor and the other new Superman before defeating the two and kidnapping Luthor for his execution. [3]

Some time later, L'Call was brutally beaten by the Ravagers and fled to the planet Nideesi to warn the Green Lantern Corps about the threat the group posed to the galaxy under their new commander, whose identity he was unable to reveal to lanterns Guy Gardner and Kilowog before passing out. He was subsequently hospitalised.[4]



  • Occultism: L'Call is comfortable with a ritual that allows him to look at "the Spheres" - bubbles that can show him images of the past and future. [1]
    • Future Sight: Using "the Spheres", the Godslayer can look into the future and discover the perpetrators of atrocities before they even happen.
  • Swordsmanship
  • Surveillance



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