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L-Ron is a robot servant constructed by Lord Manga Khan.

He was traded to the Justice League International for Despero in fetus form. He acted as an assistant to Maxwell Lord, until Despero returned and then with the help of the Green Lantern Kilowog he sacrificed his body in order to construct a control device to act as a control collar for Despero. The procedure accidentally imprinted his consciousness into Despero's body. After this L-Ron, in Despero's body returned to Lord Manga Khan.[1]

Whilst still in Despero's body, L-Ron returned and became a part of the Justice League Task Force, led by Martian Manhunter. He began to struggle with Despero's bestial tendencies and later faced an interstellar tribunal attempting to try him for his crimes.[2]

Robot Renegades

L-Ron was last seen working with a team of robots called the Robot Renegades. His motives for working with the villains is yet unknown, though he does assist the Doc Magnus in fighting the Death Metal Men.[3]


  • L-Ron is also known as L-Ron H*bb*rd and L-Ron the Robot.



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